Controversial Fashion: Rishi Sunak’s Ill-Fitting Suits Ignite Social Media Debate

Controversial Fashion: Rishi Sunak’s Ill-Fitting Suits Ignite Social Media Debate

As Rishi Sunak prepares for his long-awaited family holiday, he faces a final round of fire on Twitter.


Among his recent controversies, a trivial matter has caught the attention of the public – his choice of suits that don’t seem to fit him properly.

This fashion storm was ignited by Derek Guy, a menswear writer and blogger with a significant following on Twitter, who questioned why a man of Sunak’s wealth would opt for ill-fitting suits.

The Rise of Slim-Fit and Cropped Trousers:

Despite the criticism, it appears that Sunak’s preference for tight-fitting suits with cropped trousers is in line with contemporary fashion trends.

In fact, this style is favored not only by him but also by other fashion-forward men, particularly those in the city.


Henry Herbert, one of the Prime Minister’s bespoke tailors, points out that the slim fit and ankle-length trouser are highly sought-after by young professionals.

Sunak’s Background and Style Influence:

Sunak’s background in finance may have influenced his style choices, as he spent several years in the banking and hedge fund industry before entering politics.

This explains his affinity for sophisticated footwear, including Prada loafers and minimalist trainers from Common Projects.

The Runway Influence:

Sunak’s penchant for cropped trousers aligns with current fashion trends seen on Prada’s menswear catwalks.

This style, popularized by influential designers like Hedi Slimane and Thom Browne, brings a mod-inspired touch to the world of tailoring.


Debunking Rumors:

Contrary to rumors that suggest Sunak chooses shorter trousers to appear taller, stylist Tom Stubbs argues that his style is more about being effortlessly cool and approachable.

Sunak’s Bespoke Suit Experience:

Sunak’s suits are not the result of careless choices; rather, he invests in bespoke tailoring.

At Henry Herbert, he undergoes a meticulous nine-week process, including multiple fittings, to ensure a comfortable and personalized fit.


While the Twitter storm may have brought attention to Rishi Sunak’s suit style, it appears that his choice of slim-fit, cropped trousers is indeed a conscious fashion statement.

In line with current trends and with the expertise of bespoke tailors, Sunak confidently embraces his unique style.


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