Challenging Hypocrisy: Aisha Yesufu’s Call to True Devotion

Challenging Hypocrisy: Aisha Yesufu’s Call to True Devotion

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Addressing Pseudo-Anger

Popular Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, has issued a compelling plea to her fellow Muslim faithfuls to cast aside pseudo-anger and instead focus on becoming better adherents to their religion.

Her call comes in the midst of controversy surrounding a now-deleted video shared on Twitter by Afrobeats superstar Davido.


The video depicted people singing and dancing in front of a mosque, which offended some members of the Muslim community, who felt that the act disrespected their religion.

Genuine Anger and Education

In response to the outrage over the video, Aisha Yesufu took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the matter.

She questioned why the same level of anger was not replicated when terrorists murdered fellow Muslims, highlighting the hypocrisy of selective outrage.

Yesufu urged her brethren to shed their fake anger, emphasizing that no one has the power to disrespect Islam.


She reminded them that Islam does not require external validation, and being Muslim is a privilege, not a right, which should be humbly acknowledged.

Enlightening Approach

Aisha Yesufu encouraged Muslim faithfuls to take a more enlightened approach when faced with sensitive situations.

Instead of resorting to threats, she urged them to educate people about their religion.

Yesufu emphasized that violence and aggression should not monopolize any belief system.


She suggested drawing inspiration from the Hadith, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), on how to handle such issues, advocating for wisdom and guidance over impulsive mob actions.

Turning Inward and Taking Responsibility

The activist implored Muslims to introspect and channel their anger towards self-improvement and positive change.

Rather than directing anger outwardly, she urged them to focus on addressing internal shortcomings and becoming role models for the world.

Taking responsibility for their actions and embodying the ideals of their faith would lead to a more profound and meaningful impact on society.



Aisha Yesufu’s thoughtful remarks shed light on the importance of genuine faith and informed responses in the face of controversy.

Her message encourages introspection, education, and restraint in the pursuit of justice and understanding.

By urging Muslims to embody the true essence of their faith, she advocates for a more tolerant and enlightened society, where respect for one’s beliefs coexists with a desire for greater knowledge and compassion.

As public figures and influential personalities engage with social media platforms, her call for wisdom and measured responses holds significance in fostering harmony and bridging gaps between communities.


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