Apology and Accountability: Isreal DMW Speaks for Davido on ‘Jaye Lo’ Video

Apology and Accountability: Isreal DMW Speaks for Davido on ‘Jaye Lo’ Video

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Davido’s Misstep with ‘Jaye Lo’ Music Video

Nigerian award-winning singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, found himself embroiled in a controversy when he posted a music video on his Twitter page to promote his music artiste, Logos Olori.

The video for the song ‘Jaye Lo’ featured scenes of people praying and dancing in a building that resembled a mosque, which some Muslims deemed disrespectful to their religion.


Amidst the backlash and appeals, Davido eventually removed the video from his page without issuing any further comments on the matter.

Isreal DMW’s Apology on Davido’s Behalf

In the aftermath of the incident, Isreal DMW, Davido’s logistics manager, stepped forward to apologize to the Muslim community on behalf of the singer.

He clarified that the music video was intended solely for entertainment purposes and expressed regret for any offense caused.

While some netizens praised Isreal DMW for taking responsibility and trying to mend the situation, Davido chose to remain silent on the matter.



The controversy surrounding Davido’s ‘Jaye Lo’ music video highlights the importance of cultural sensitivity and thoughtful content creation, especially in a diverse and multicultural society.

While artistry should be celebrated, it is crucial for artists and their teams to exercise caution and consideration when portraying religious settings or practices.

Apologies, when genuine and sincere, can serve as a step towards reconciliation and understanding.

In this digital age, social media plays a significant role in shaping public perceptions and reactions to various issues.


Davido’s decision to unfollow Isreal DMW on Instagram may indicate internal discussions or differences regarding the handling of the situation.

While public figures are often under scrutiny, it is essential to remember that they, too, are human and subject to making mistakes.

As fans and followers, it is vital to engage in constructive conversations about cultural sensitivity, artistic expression, and accountability without resorting to vitriolic attacks.

Respectful dialogue can foster a better understanding of diverse perspectives and encourage responsible artistic choices in the future.

In the end, it is through mutual respect and open communication that bridges can be built between artists and their audience.



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