Celebs Snubbed by Strictly Come Dancing: Stars Who Never Got the Chance

Strictly Come Dancing’s Celebrity Allure:

BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is renowned for being one of the most coveted celebrity bookings, propelling its contestants to newfound stardom.

The show’s captivating dance performances draw millions of viewers, and the journey it offers to celebrities is nothing short of transformative.

Blanket Ban on Reality Stars:

Over the years, Strictly Come Dancing has made headlines for its perceived “blanket ban” on reality stars. Notable figures like Charlotte Crosby have openly criticized this exclusion.

A TV insider shed light on the frustration within the industry, explaining that certain reality celebrities claimed to be in talks for the show when they had never even been approached.

This trend has irked the show’s producers, who are weary of celebrities using Strictly for self-promotion.

The Celebs Who Never Got the Chance:

Despite the allure of the dance floor, some celebrities have never received the coveted invitation to join Strictly Come Dancing.

Let’s take a closer look at these stars who yearned for the opportunity but were seemingly shunned.

Katie Price:

Former glamour model Katie Price has expressed her interest in participating in Strictly Come Dancing for several years.

However, despite her willingness to take on the challenge, she has never been given the chance.

In a TikTok live session, Katie opened up about the behavior of newer celebrities on reality shows and shared her desire to join the Strictly cast. Her journey to the dance floor remains a dream for now.

Gemma Collins:

Reality TV icon Gemma Collins has thrown her hat in the ring, expressing her eagerness to take part in Strictly. However, despite her enthusiasm, the opportunity has eluded her.

Gemma’s humorous proposition to the BBC in exchange for her participation in the show is a testament to her desire to dance her way into the Strictly family.

Curtis Pritchard:

Love Island star Curtis Pritchard, with a background in dance and a famous brother who found success on Strictly, has vocalized his hopes of joining the show.

Despite his qualifications, Curtis remains uninvited, partly due to his Love Island origins. The inclusion of fellow Love Island alumnus Zara McDermott may offer a glimmer of hope for Curtis.

Laura Anderson:

New mother Laura Anderson, known for her appearance on Love Island, has also set her sights on Strictly Come Dancing.

Her social media posts hinted at her enthusiasm for the show, and she eagerly awaits the chance to showcase her dance moves on the grand stage.

Bobby Norris:

Towie icon Bobby Norris has openly expressed his willingness to participate in Strictly. He views the show as the perfect Saturday night experience, complete with glamorous outfits and dance.

While he remains hopeful, an invitation to join the Strictly family has yet to arrive.

Jake Quickenden:

Reality star Jake Quickenden’s desire to participate in Strictly is fueled by his passion for dancing. However, his previous stint on a rival show, Dancing on Ice, has posed a potential obstacle.

Despite his enthusiasm, Jake believes that the show’s bookers may be hesitant due to his history on another dance-related program.

Dreams Deferred:

These celebrities continue to dream of gracing the Strictly dance floor, hoping that one day they will receive the coveted invitation to participate.

While they may have been left in the cold, their eagerness and enthusiasm for the show persist.