Celebrity Designer Toyin Lawani Expresses Shock at Debtors’ Social Media Display

Celebrity Designer Toyin Lawani Expresses Shock at Debtors’ Social Media Display

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Renowned Nigerian celebrity designer, Toyin Lawani, recently expressed her shock and disappointment at the audacity of an unnamed celebrity who owes her money.


Lawani, a go-to stylist for many celebrities, took to social media to express her frustration over the debtor’s actions.

Despite ignoring Lawani’s calls and messages, the debtor continues to flaunt their luxurious lifestyle on social media, which Lawani finds unacceptable.

Giving the debtor an ultimatum, Lawani warned others to refrain from posting extravagant pictures on social media if they owe her money, emphasizing that she takes her business seriously and expects prompt payment for services rendered.


Chioma Okoye Calls Out Oma Nnadi Over Unpaid Debt

Earlier this year, actress Ima Nnadi faced public scrutiny on social media due to an unpaid loan.

Her colleague, Chioma Okoye, accused Oma Nnadi of using her to obtain a loan but refusing to repay it.

Adding insult to injury, Oma Nnadi allegedly exploited her celebrity status to avoid fulfilling her financial obligations.

Chioma expressed her gratitude to colleagues such as Anita Joseph and Queen Nwokoye, who attempted to mediate between the two parties.

This incident served as a lesson for Chioma, highlighting the importance of having written agreements before lending money to friends.


Halima Abubakar Exposes Uche Nancy for Unpaid Debt

In a similar vein, last year, actress Halima Abubakar called out her colleague Uche Nancy over an unpaid debt of 250,000 Naira’s.

Halima provided evidence of the debt by sharing a screenshot of a note signed by Nancy.

Additionally, Halima accused Nancy of exploiting actors by paying them meager amounts.

She condemned Nancy’s behavior, describing her as a selfish individual and vowing never to forgive her for her irresponsible actions.

Despite the public call-outs and accusations, the debtors in these incidents have shown little remorse, with some even continuing to showcase their lavish lifestyles on social media.


These instances serve as reminders of the importance of financial responsibility and honoring commitments in the entertainment industry.

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