Toyin Lawani Calls Out Real Housewives of Lagos, Alleges Show’s Credibility Loss in Explosive Social Media Post

Toyin Lawani Calls Out Real Housewives of Lagos, Alleges Show’s Credibility Loss in Explosive Social Media Post

Toyin Lawani’s Critique of Real Housewives of Lagos

Celebrity fashion stylist and reality TV star, Toyin Lawani, recently took to her social media page to criticize her colleague, Dr. Rommel, and express her concerns about the credibility of the Real Housewives of Lagos show.

Allegations of Scripting and Faked Drama

Lawani reacted strongly to Dr. Rommel’s assertion that the reality show’s second season provided the dramatic content viewers desired, insinuating that it was orchestrated.

Accusations of Misrepresentation and Scripted Narrative

Expressing frustration, Lawani accused the show of losing its authenticity, calling it a sham. She cited incidents where she felt misrepresented, mentioning specific instances of drama that she claims were manipulated or misrepresented for the sake of the show’s narrative.

Casting Doubts on the Show’s Integrity

In her lengthy post, Lawani accused the show of scripted scenes and highlighted her disappointment in the misrepresentation of her character and actions. She questioned the integrity of the show, expressing concern that it is being perceived as scripted and losing its authenticity.

Refusal to be Part of a Misleading Narrative

Lawani vehemently distanced herself from what she perceives as a misleading portrayal within the show, asserting her refusal to be part of what she describes as a charade or scripted drama that distorts reality.

Strong Criticism Towards Show’s Participants

She directed strong criticism toward certain participants, labeling their behaviors as misleading and accusing them of spreading lies and negativity. Lawani expressed her displeasure at the portrayal of fabricated drama, calling for transparency and authenticity.

Conclusion: A Blunt Denouncement

Toyin Lawani’s social media post serves as a candid denouncement of the Real Housewives of Lagos, alleging scripted drama, misrepresentation, and a decline in the show’s credibility, while vehemently refusing to be associated with what she perceives as a misleading and untruthful narrative.

She wrote;

‘Look at this little Rat,
At this Rate, the show is losing credibility as the Authentic Reality show that it is,
Is this not the same show we all went to,
Or is this playing @dareyartalade and @deolaartalade it’s time to speak up,
I will not be part of this joke,
You mean I left my Various Businesses, kids, family, my bad health to go and shoot a pretentious show?
When did u hand over this manual to everyone and the rest of the cast didn’t know about it?
For God’s sake, will Klegged Chioma go on a show and call my husband a thing, talk down on my business, also say I lied I wasn’t pregnant for drama, while even trying to drag my kid into her argument,
Which u didn’t show,
even when she accepted she lied about me showing her my collection at Laura’s show, while I was showing her what I wanted to create for her ????
Stop shielding this bad character,
U have people who u want to show in a certain light,
What kind of drama will I want to bring I will get so angry to fight someone I felt was my friend for years for gossiping about me negatively in a group.
See I’m not a saint and I’m not perfect I get my own body, but these lies hv gone too far,
The Real Housewives of Lagos franchise is now becoming a joke where people feel it’s a scripted show and it’s losing its credibility gradually,
Guys this is real life , I learnt a lot of lessons on this show , unprovoked this dead flited away fly Mrs rume rume Called me gbeborun , while I have not done any such thing to him,
So why ,
stop hiding ur bad attitude under foolish drama,
You think I don’t know how to bring drama,
Drama shouldn’t be part of bringing others down and lying through ur nose about them,
I won’t be part of this stupid charade,
It’s misleading,
Cause I have been quiet for too long and it’s now sounding like I’m part of a joke,
What’s all this fakery about the king of lies ????
One egbere will even come to a show and say she dominates women that hv kids, struggles and queens in their own right,
wetin u don see for this life?
you all a mad together, oriyinope I swear ????
If I start ehn una go do podcast tire,”

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