Jonathan Roumie Champions Unbound’s Mission: A Faith-Driven Call to Alleviate Poverty

Jonathan Roumie Champions Unbound’s Mission: A Faith-Driven Call to Alleviate Poverty

Jonathan Roumie Champions Unbound’s Mission: A Faith-Driven Call to Alleviate Poverty

Renowned actor Jonathan Roumie, known for his role in “The Chosen,” expresses his deep conviction that sponsoring a child is a direct manifestation of faith. Roumie emphasizes the opportunity to participate in the lives of those in need, playing a role in alleviating their suffering.

In his view, this action aligns with the call to bear one another’s burdens and serve through love. He enthusiastically promotes the impactful work of Unbound, encouraging more people to join a program that extends assistance to individuals worldwide.

The Power of Faith in Action: Actor Jonathan Roumie Advocates for Unbound’s Cause

In a significant encounter at the Vatican on August 11, 2021, Jonathan Roumie, recognized for his role in “The Chosen,” meets Pope Francis.

This meeting underscores the actor’s commitment to Unbound’s mission. Roumie believes that sponsoring a child is not only a practical gesture but also a profound expression of faith.

Through his endorsement, he aims to spread awareness about the positive contributions Unbound is making globally, urging others to participate in this transformative initiative.

Unbound: Transforming Lives Through Direct Support and Faith-Driven Initiatives

Headquartered in Kansas, Unbound, established in 1981, originated as an agency with a Catholic foundation, focusing on providing direct resources to the world’s poor.

Formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA), Unbound currently utilizes a vast network of sponsors to deliver personalized support to children, elders, and their families facing poverty in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

A Call to Serve: Jonathan Roumie Encourages Support for Unbound’s Global Outreach

Dan Pearson, Unbound’s chief international program officer, emphasizes that the organization’s work is deeply rooted in the Gospel’s call to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of each person living in poverty.

Unbound’s approach involves connecting individuals in need with willing sponsors, many of whom are people of faith. Pearson highlights the transformative impact that these connections have, not only on the lives of the poor but also on the lives of their sponsors.

Faith in Action: The Impactful Work of Unbound in Alleviating Global Poverty

Individuals who commit to Unbound agree to support their “sponsored friend,” whether a child or elderly person living in poverty, through a monthly donation of approximately $40.

More than 90% of the donated funds directly contribute to a bank account in the name of the sponsored child and, typically, their mother. This commitment reflects a tangible and faith-driven effort to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing poverty around the world.