Cardinal Zen Fiducia Supplicans causes bewilderment by implying that Fernández should step down

Cardinal Zen Fiducia Supplicans causes bewilderment by implying that Fernández should step down

Concerns and Contradictions in the Declaration

Addressing what he perceived as a source of confusion, Cardinal Zen highlighted a Jan. 4 clarification by Fernández, emphasizing that the declaration is not “contrary to ecclesiastical reasoning.”

However, he pointed out that Fernández acknowledges that bishops and bishops’ conferences may harbor doubts about it, requiring additional time for study.

According to Zen, this essentially implies that Fiducia Supplicans is currently considered invalid.

Specific Issues Raised by Cardinal Zen

Cardinal Zen delved into specific concerns regarding the declaration.

He pointed out a discrepancy where the document suggests that couples seeking a blessing “may” ask for God’s grace to conform to His will.

Simultaneously, the priest is advised not to scrutinize their intentions.

Zen questioned how a priest could bless individuals if their intentions are uncertain or if there’s reason to suspect a lack of sincere commitment.

Another issue raised by Zen revolves around the declaration seemingly permitting couples to receive a blessing as a “couple” and continue living together in a way inconsistent with Church teachings.

This raised doubts about whether the declaration unintentionally condones living in a sinful manner, contrary to pastoral principles and biblical guidance.

Contradictions and Confusion in the Declaration

Despite the declaration emphasizing the need to avoid confusion, Cardinal Zen argued that the blessings it encourages actually contribute to confusion.

He expressed concern about secular media intentionally adding to this confusion and questioned why figures like Jesuit Father James Martin, Sister Jeannine Gramick, and the German bishops were allowed to contribute to the confusion or disregard some rules outlined in the declaration.

Call for Open Discussion and Critique

In conclusion, Cardinal Zen urged for an open discussion on the matter of blessing same-sex couples and unions contradicting Church teaching at the upcoming synodal assembly in October.

He described Fiducia Supplicans as a “preemptive” declaration that demonstrates a significant disregard for the authority of bishops—recognized as the successors of the apostles and the pope’s brethren.

Cardinal Zen’s critique highlights the need for a thorough examination of the declaration and its implications within the Church.

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