In-depth Interview – Cardinal Fernández Explores Fiducia Supplicans Declaration and Future Dicastery Plans

Fernández’s Perspective on Fiducia Supplicans:

Addressing Necessity and Intent:

Cardinal Fernández responded to questions regarding the publication of the Fiducia Supplicans declaration, which permits priests to bless same-sex couples and those in irregular situations.

When asked about the necessity of publishing it, Fernández explained that numerous individuals and institutions had been seeking clarification on this topic.

He emphasized that in his conversations with the Pope, it became evident that while rejecting blessings with specific liturgical forms for irregular couples, the Pope also aimed to preserve the freedom of priests to give simple blessings without imposing stringent conditions.

Preserving Pastoral Care and Freedom of Blessings:

Fernández highlighted the Pope’s concern for pastoral care that welcomes everyone, allowing priests in various countries, including Argentina and Brazil, to give simple blessings without demanding moral or canonical perfection.

He clarified that the Pope’s interest was in safeguarding the spontaneity and freedom of these priestly gestures, especially those given informally during street encounters, pilgrimages, or on the go.

Addressing Church Division and Criticisms:

When questioned about whether Fiducia Supplicans contributes to division in the Church, Fernández acknowledged that such divisions already existed and were now becoming more transparent.

He shared that he had discussed criticisms and opposing reactions to the declaration with the Pope, and the Holy Father viewed them as purifications from God, guiding the Church to fulfill its tasks with humility.

Future Plans and Upcoming Developments:

Responding to inquiries about potential clarifications to address confusion, Fernández expressed that he did not anticipate being in the news in the future.

He noted that the dicastery has no controversial topics planned.

However, he revealed that they are preparing a significant document on human dignity covering social issues and strong criticisms on moral issues such as sex changes, surrogacy, and gender ideology.

Fernández assured that concerned individuals could expect this forthcoming document to address their worries.

Comments on the Interview:

The interview with Cardinal Fernández provides valuable insights into the intent behind Fiducia Supplicans, addressing concerns about potential division in the Church.

Fernández’s explanation sheds light on the Pope’s emphasis on preserving pastoral care, freedom in blessings, and the ongoing purification process within the Church.

Additionally, Fernández hints at the dicastery’s future focus on a document addressing human dignity, including critical moral issues.


Cardinal Fernández’s responses offer a comprehensive understanding of the considerations behind Fiducia Supplicans, revealing the nuanced perspective aimed at balancing pastoral compassion and preserving the freedom of priestly gestures.

The anticipation of a forthcoming document on human dignity adds an element of future direction for the dicastery.

As the Church navigates discussions on these complex issues, Fernández’s insights contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the Church’s evolving stance.

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