Cardiff Community Rallies Together to Support Ely After Tragic Deaths and Violent Riot

Cardiff Community Rallies Together to Support Ely After Tragic Deaths and Violent Riot

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

The community of Ely in Cardiff is receiving widespread support from fellow residents following the tragic deaths of two teenage boys and a subsequent violent overnight riot.


The unrest erupted after a serious crash took the lives of Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, who were close friends.

Riot and Community Response

Police were called to Snowden Road on Monday evening, where the fatal accident occurred.

As tensions escalated, a large gathering formed in the area, leading to the torching of cars, the setting ablaze of bins, and the hurling of missiles, including fireworks, at officers behind riot shields.

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Prolonged Disorder and Investigation

The situation deteriorated into what authorities described as a “large scale disorder,” lasting for over nine hours and spreading across multiple streets.

Law enforcement agencies are currently investigating the riot, and CCTV footage of police following teenagers on a bike shortly before the fatal crash has been released.

Somber Atmosphere and Community Solidarity

The atmosphere in Ely has been somber and tense in the aftermath of these tragic and shocking events.


The morning after, tributes for Kyrees and Harvey, both residents of the Ely area, accumulated on Snowden Road.

Throughout the day, crowds gathered to pay their respects, offering flowers, balloons, and cards.

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The community has come together in mourning.

Lingering Signs of Violence and Acts of Kindness

Evidence of the violence remains, with paint-spattered cars and smashed windows still visible on the streets.

However, amidst the aftermath, good Samaritans have emerged, offering assistance and support to the affected community.

Some individuals have volunteered to help repair damaged vehicles, while others have offered unique services, such as bringing a pet pony for children to interact with.

Rebuilding and Brightening the Community

Local residents, including car enthusiasts and pet owners, have demonstrated their desire to give back and help Ely recover.

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Car detailing businesses have offered their services to remove paint and scratches free of charge, aiming to restore damaged vehicles.


Additionally, a resident has volunteered her pet pony, Candy, to bring joy to children who may have never experienced such an encounter before.

Spreading Positivity Amidst Difficult Times

These acts of kindness have received a warm response from the community, providing a glimmer of hope during challenging times.

The willingness of individuals to contribute their skills, resources, and time serves as a reminder of the resilient spirit and unity within Cardiff’s neighborhoods.


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