Cardi B Speaks Out Against NYC Budget Cuts: Frustration Over Prioritizing Wars Over Essential Services

Cardi B Criticizes NYC Budget Cuts: “We Can’t Fund Wars, but We Can Barely Fund This Country”

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B took to social media to express her frustration over recent budget cuts announced by New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The Bronx native criticized the decision to slash funds across essential departments, including education, police, and sanitation. Cardi B’s live stream, reposted on social media, captured her passionate outcry against prioritizing wars over addressing local needs.

Cardi B Speaks Out Against NYC Budget Cuts: Frustration Over Prioritizing Wars Over Essential Services

In response to Mayor Adams’ announcement of a $110.5 billion budget with cuts due to the city’s migrant surge, Cardi B voiced her concerns.

The Grammy-winning artist questioned the allocation of funds, pointing out a $120 million budget cut affecting schools, libraries, police safety, and sanitation. She contrasted this with the government’s willingness to fund wars.

Rapper Cardi B Slams NYC Officials for Budget Cuts: “We’re Going to Get Even Dirtier”

Cardi B didn’t hold back, expressing dismay over the impact of budget cuts on essential services. She highlighted the potential consequences, stating, “Crimes are gonna go through the roof because there is a police safety budget cut, and on top of that, there’s a sanitation f*****g budget cut so that means we’re gonna be drowning in rats.”

Cardi B Expresses Outrage Over NYC Budget Cuts: Prioritizing Wars Amid Migrant Crisis

Mayor Adams attributed the budget cuts to the costly migrant crisis, indicating that the city spent $1.45 billion in fiscal 2023 on addressing the surge.

Cardi B, known for her philanthropy, questioned the choices made, especially when considering the potential repercussions on education, sanitation, and police safety.

NYC Budget Cuts Trigger Cardi B’s Outburst: “Crimes Are Gonna Go Through the Roof”

The implications of budget cuts are far-reaching, with the NYPD facing a substantial reduction in officers. Cardi B expressed concern about the impact on education, trash pick-ups, and essential programs. The rapper emphasized the potential consequences for residents, particularly those in underserved communities.

Cardi B Takes Aim at NYC Mayor Eric Adams for Budget Cuts: “We Can’t Fund These Wars”

Cardi B directly addressed Mayor Eric Adams, echoing her frustration with the budget cuts. She emphasized the discrepancy between allocating funds for wars and the significant cuts affecting vital services in New York City.

Cardi B Voices Concern Over NYC Budget Cuts: Impact on Education, Police, and Sanitation

Education in New York City is set to experience a $1 billion hit over two years, and sanitation services will be affected, leading to reduced trash pick-ups. Cardi B questioned the consequences for children’s access to books and the potential surge in crime due to the combination of police safety and sanitation budget cuts.

Cardi B Sounds Off on NYC Budget Cuts: Affecting Libraries, Police Safety, and More

Libraries in New York, including the Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Public Library, are facing service reductions.

Cardi B pointed out the broader implications of budget cuts, expressing concern about the impact on essential services that support New Yorkers’ daily lives.

Cardi B Raises Alarm Over NYC Budget Cuts: “Little by Little, It’s Going to Your State”

Cardi B warned that the repercussions of budget cuts in New York City could extend beyond its borders. She urged people to pay attention, stating, “If they’re making a big a** budget cut in New York City, watch it’s going to start going to your state.”

Rapper Cardi B Criticizes NYC’s $120 Million Budget Cut: Warns of Broader Implications

The criticism from Cardi B aligns with concerns raised by others, including City Council’s progressive caucus Chair Lincoln Restler. He labeled Mayor Adams’s budget cuts as “unnecessary, dangerous, and draconian,” emphasizing the potential negative impact on the city’s affordability and economic recovery.

Cardi B Warns of Ripple Effect as NYC Faces Budget Cuts: “It’s Going to Start Going to Your State”

Closing her statement, Cardi B drew attention to the broader implications of budget cuts, suggesting that other states might follow suit. She emphasized the need for collective action to address the challenges presented by fiscal decisions affecting essential services.

Cardi B Addresses NYC Budget Cuts: Calls Out Leaders for Prioritizing Wars Over Local Needs

In conclusion, Cardi B’s outspoken critique of NYC’s budget cuts resonates with concerns about the prioritization of wars over addressing local needs. As the city grapples with fiscal challenges, the rapper’s message serves as a call to action for citizens and leaders alike to prioritize essential services and the well-being of communities.