Racial Harassment in NYC: Street Vendor Speaks Out Against Former Obama Adviser’s Abusive Rants

Racial Harassment in NYC: Street Vendor Speaks Out Against Former Obama Adviser’s Abusive Rants

NYC Street Vendor Shares Ordeal of Racial Harassment, Fearful After Attacks by Former Obama Adviser

Mohammad Hussein, a New York City street cart vendor, broke his silence in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, revealing his experience of racial harassment by former Obama adviser Stuart Seldowitz.

Hussein expresses fear and distress after being targeted in a series of vile rants, emphasizing he did nothing to provoke the abuse.

Chronicle of Harassment:

The harassment, according to Hussein, began two weeks ago when Seldowitz, 64, randomly approached him, inquiring about his origin.

Subsequently, Seldowitz berated him about the conflict with Hamas in Israel and Gaza.

Feeling hurt and scared, Hussein now hesitates to go to work, given Seldowitz’s political connections.

Business Owner’s Perspective:

Islam Mustafa, the owner of the business where Hussein works, highlighted the lack of political posters or messaging at the cart, emphasizing their commitment to serving the community peacefully.

Mustafa expressed disappointment in the NYPD’s initial response, stating that the offensive language used by Seldowitz deserved attention.

Escalation and NYPD Investigation:

As public outrage grew and support for Hussein increased, the NYPD initiated an investigation into Seldowitz’s actions.

Mustafa expressed extreme upset over the offensive vocabulary used, emphasizing their respect for all religions and ideologies.

Seldowitz’s Abhorrent Remarks and Apology:

Videos captured Seldowitz making threats, including sending Hussein’s picture to immigration authorities and making disturbing remarks about Palestinian children.

Seldowitz later apologized, expressing regret for raising the religious aspect and acknowledging the hate within him.

Professional Background of Seldowitz:

Seldowitz’s professional background, including his role as a Middle Eastern adviser to President Obama, has faced scrutiny.

Details about his service during the Obama administration and his involvement in the Bosnian Peace Agreement have surfaced.

Gotham Government Relations, where Seldowitz was associated, has severed ties and offered assistance to Hussein for legal action.

This report provides a comprehensive account of the racial harassment faced by Mohammad Hussein, contextualizing the incidents, capturing the business owner’s perspective, detailing the NYPD investigation, and examining Stuart Seldowitz’s professional background and subsequent fallout from Gotham Government Relations.