Car Collision in Harrow Sends Two to Hospital

Car Collision in Harrow Sends Two to Hospital

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

In a car collision that occurred in Harrow, two individuals were rushed to the hospital.


The incident took place at 4.40 am on Saturday when one vehicle collided into the front of a house on Pinner Road.

Authorities, including the Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service, and London Fire Brigade, promptly responded to the scene.

The injured victims, a man and a woman who were both occupants of one of the cars involved, were transported to the hospital.

Fortunately, their injuries are reported to be non-life-threatening.

As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.


The provided news snippet reports on a car collision in Harrow that resulted in two people being hospitalized.

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The inclusion of specific details, such as the time of the incident (4.40 am on Saturday) and the location (Pinner Road), adds contextual information for readers.

The mention of authorities, such as the Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service, and London Fire Brigade, highlights the prompt response to the incident and the collaborative effort to provide assistance.

The news emphasizes that the injuries sustained by the man and woman involved in the collision are not believed to be life-threatening.

This information provides reassurance regarding the severity of the victims’ conditions. Furthermore, it indicates that immediate medical attention was provided, contributing to a potentially better prognosis for the injured individuals.

Notably, the absence of any arrests made in connection with the incident suggests that the authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision.

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This detail raises questions about the cause of the accident and whether any factors such as reckless driving or intoxication were involved.

Further updates from law enforcement may shed light on these aspects.

The news snippet concludes with a call for witnesses to come forward and provide any relevant information they may have.


This appeal for public cooperation underscores the importance of community involvement in assisting investigations and promoting safety.

By including the reference number (CAD 1211/13May) and contact information (call 101), the authorities facilitate the reporting process and encourage witnesses to share their observations.

In summary, the news snippet provided presents an overview of a car collision in Harrow that resulted in two individuals being hospitalized.

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The response of emergency services, the non-life-threatening nature of the victims’ injuries, and the ongoing investigation create a comprehensive narrative of the incident.

The call for witnesses at the end emphasizes the significance of community participation in resolving such cases.


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