Anita Harris Mourns the Peaceful Passing of Husband and Creative Partner

Anita Harris Mourns the Peaceful Passing of Husband and Creative Partner

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Anita Harris, renowned Carry On actress, is grieving the loss of her husband, Mike Margolis, who passed away peacefully at the age of 84.


Margolis, who served as Harris’s record producer and manager during the 1960s, had a profound impact on her career.

The couple tied the knot in 1973, and their recent golden wedding anniversary celebration was followed by Margolis’s untimely demise.

Mike Margolis’s Legacy and Peaceful Passing:

Mike Margolis, a notable figure in the entertainment industry, played a significant role in Anita Harris’s professional journey.

As a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (LFRSA), Margolis showcased his creativity as a record producer, manager, and even as a painter.

He collaborated with Harris after her rise to fame with the Cliff Adams Singers in the 1960s.

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Their professional relationship flourished, leading to their marriage in 1973.

Tragically, on a peaceful Saturday morning, Margolis passed away while Anita Harris stood by his side.

Celebrating a Golden Wedding Anniversary:

The couple’s golden wedding anniversary, which they joyously celebrated just a week prior to Margolis’s passing, holds a bittersweet significance.

It marked a milestone in their enduring love and partnership, symbolizing the strength and longevity of their bond.

Their golden wedding anniversary was a testament to the deep connection they shared throughout their lives.

Anita Harris’s Tribute and Reflections:

In a heartfelt statement, Anita Harris’s agent, Mr. Hahn, conveyed the news of Margolis’s passing.

Harris, an active presence on social media, also took to Twitter to share her grief.

She referred to her late husband as her “beloved” and revealed that he had been suffering from a long illness, specifically Alzheimer’s disease.

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Harris expressed the profound impact Margolis had on her life, describing him as the source of a forever love that she would cherish and miss deeply.

The Creative Legacy:

Margolis’s contributions extended beyond his role as a record producer and manager for Harris.

He was a multifaceted artist, involved in various creative endeavors, including writing and painting.

One notable achievement was the creation of Harris’s Victorian thriller detective series, The Casebooks Of Verity Lake.

Margolis’s artistic talents and collaborative efforts helped shape Harris’s career and expand her artistic horizons.

The Pain of Alzheimer’s:

In previous interviews, Harris candidly shared the challenges of witnessing her husband’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which was diagnosed in 2015.

She described the overwhelming pain that came with seeing Margolis gradually succumb to the illness.

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Margolis’s passing serves as a reminder of the difficult journey they faced together and the lasting impact of Alzheimer’s on their lives.



The passing of Mike Margolis, Anita Harris’s beloved husband and creative partner, has left a void in the entertainment industry and in her heart.

Their enduring love and professional collaboration shaped their lives, and their recent golden wedding anniversary celebration held special significance.

Margolis’s creative contributions and Harris’s tribute to their forever love serve as testaments to their extraordinary partnership.

As Harris mourns the loss of her husband, the pain of Alzheimer’s disease lingers as a reminder of the challenges they faced together.


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