Cancer can be genetically determined –CMD

Cancer can be genetically determined –CMD

The Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, Prof.

Adewale Olomu, has said there is a discovery in the management of cancer, saying some forms of cancer can be genetically determined.

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Olomu stated this while speaking with newsmen  in Abeokuta, adding that the solution to the ravaging cancer disease had been discovered.

He stated that with an early test for cancer, many patients can be saved, noting that, there has been a rise in the death of cancer patients as a result of late detection.

“It is possible to detect cancer through peoples’ fingerprints.

“Cancer is killing like hell now and what we’ve done are at the fingerprint, because these fingerprints are genetically determined and when we look at the pattern and compare it with the normal, we can say you are likely to have cancer of the breast in the future, you are likely to have cancer of the cervix.

“So, we can use that to determine and we can help a lot of people that are yet to develop that cancer, and see how we can prevent them from coming down with cancer.

“Cancer solution is on the way because looking at fingerprints, palm prints, we can predict if you are likely to have cancer and that will prevent people from coming down with cancer because the fingerprints can be genetically determined,” he said.

Cancer can be genetically determined –CMD