Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute Conducts a Free Cancer Screening and Awareness Program in Commemoration of World Cancer Day

Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute Conducts a Free Cancer Screening and Awareness Program in Commemoration of World Cancer Day

Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute conducts a free cancer screening and awareness program in commemoration of world cancer day on 4th February 2022.

Cancer becomes the second cause of death globally.

Despite the tremendous developments in the field of diagnosis and treatment methods, the incidence of cancer has spiked in the last two decades in the Indian subcontinent.

Being a pioneer as a dental college with a separate oral oncology unit, Saveetha dental college conducts free screening and treatment programs for the patients suffering from Oral cancer on World Cancer Day.

With the latest technologies and skilful hands, Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute (SOCI) provides the utmost care for the patients.

As the saying reveals, Prevention is better than cure, SOCI conducts camps to create awareness and aids in identifying the disease at a very early stage which leads to the best prognosis.

While focusing on treatment, the preventive measures of such dreadful disease are also emphasized to the public.


Senthilmurugan, Dr.

Murugesan, Dr.

Senthilnathan, Dr.

Ramseshan, and Dr.

Divya behind the patients at Free Cancer Screening and Awareness Program at Saveetha Oral Cancer InstituteDuring the awareness program, the Director of Academics & Chairman Dr.

Deepak Nallasamy has delivered his keynote on the activities happening in Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute.

The awareness program also witnessed the presence of Professor Dr.

Senthilmurugan, Dr.

Senthilnathan and Dr.

Murugesan – with other staff.

As per Dr.

Deepak Nallasamy, Chairman, Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute, “We are very happy & delighted to conduct free Cancer Screening and awareness program on World Cancer Day to educate and prevent patients from Oral Cancer, as Saveetha Dental College has a legacy of 35 years, and we are committed to curing each & every patient with utmost care.

We treat 300 average number of oral cancer patients completely free of cost every year which includes radiation, chemotherapy and free food for the patients.

“In Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute (SOCI), the availability of 24/7 service offers excellent guidance for the patients.

In addition to that, the latest applications in the field of surgery and radiation oncology precisely treat the patients at no cost.

Among the various preventive measures, the role of “S” is insisted to prevent cancer.

Smoking, Spicy food, Sharp teeth, Spirit, Syphilis are collectively denoted as S which has potential carcinogenic capacity.

Meanwhile, the role of spicy food which causes both oral and colorectal cancers is not given much importance.

Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute provides dynamic propaganda in such a way as to behead the disease at the taproot level.

The development in the field of reconstruction of the facial defects resulting from oral cancer surgeries is phenomenal and one of a kind.

Globally renowned technologies and skills are employed in restoring the form and function of the patients.

Additionally, the developments in allied treatment modalities have tremendously progressed as the adverse effects are completely alleviated with this technology.

When such technology is applied the resultant morbidity is prevented.

Science grows by innovations, by this saying, Saveetha Oral Cancer Institute expands its boundaries to the next level in tissue engineering for restoring the tissues lost in cancer.