Standard Chartered Women in Technology Incubator Kenya Offers Unparalleled Opportunities for Women-Led Tech Startups

The Standard Chartered Women in Technology Incubator Kenya stands as a beacon of empowerment and opportunity for women in the tech industry across Africa.

In collaboration with Strathmore University’s @iBizAfrica incubator, this pioneering initiative aims to address the gender gap in technology by providing women-led startups with the resources and support needed to thrive.

Eligibility Criteria: Fostering Innovation and Diversity

The program seeks to attract the brightest entrepreneurial minds and women-led tech startups, recognizing them as key catalysts for innovation in the business landscape.

To qualify, the principal founder must be a woman, above 18 years old, and either of Kenyan nationality or holding permanent residency status.

Additionally, the startups must be registered in Kenya and focus on developing technological solutions to address socio-economic challenges within the country.

Key Requirements for Applicants

Applicants must fulfill several criteria, including embedding emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain into their solutions.

Moreover, the startup teams should comprise at least 50% women, with the principal applicant holding a majority stake in the venture.

The startups should be in operation for a duration ranging from 3 months to less than 2 years, seeking support for proof of concept, customer acquisition, product development, and business model refinement.

Importantly, the startups should not have received an investment exceeding KES 500,000 or participated in a similar program in the past year.

Benefits of Participation: Nurturing Growth and Success

Selected participants will embark on a 12-week immersive learning journey, gaining access to a network of coaching experts, B2B networking opportunities, and personalized mentorship sessions tailored to their specific business needs.

Additionally, they will have the chance to join a supportive Women in Tech Alumni Network and receive a $10,000 equity-free grant seed funding.

Furthermore, the top 7 finalists will benefit from 6 months of ongoing support from Standard Chartered and @iBizAfrica, facilitating their go-to-market strategy and scale.

Application Details and Deadline

Interested individuals can apply for the program through the provided link, with the deadline for submissions unspecified.

Aspiring women entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this opportunity to propel their tech startups to new heights and contribute to Africa’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem.

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