Texas-Based Film “Love God’s Will” Captivates Audiences Nationwide, Spurs Nationwide Demand for Showings

The team behind “Love God’s Will,” led by Kidonakis of Palomita Films, is witnessing unprecedented success as their film continues to resonate with audiences.

With an impressive track record of sold-out showings—20 out of 20 to be exact—the film has exceeded expectations, prompting overwhelming demand for additional screenings.

Expanding Reach and Meeting Demand

Demand for “Love God’s Will” extends far beyond Texas, with requests pouring in from across the United States, including states like Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York.

To accommodate this widespread interest, the team is gearing up to expand screenings beyond theaters to include parishes and schools nationwide.

Family’s Reflections on Impact

The Stawaisz family, whose experiences inspired the film, has been deeply moved by the overwhelming response and the stories shared by those touched by Ryan’s life.

Reflecting on the impact of the film, they express gratitude for the opportunity to honor Ryan’s memory and share his profound wisdom and compassion with audiences.

Lessons Learned and Personal Growth

Ryan’s family members share insights into the lessons they’ve gleaned from his life and the film’s journey.

From Ryan’s innate ability to offer sage advice to his unwavering commitment to making others feel welcome, the Stawaisz family reflects on the profound impact of Ryan’s presence and the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

Film’s Transformative Influence

Despite initial doubts about their filmmaking journey, the Palomita Films team credits Father Ryan for reigniting their passion and providing clarity amidst uncertainty.

Through “Love God’s Will,” they’ve found renewed purpose and a deeper appreciation for embracing God’s will in their lives, marking a transformative chapter in their filmmaking endeavors.

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