Wealthy Businessman Experiences Dramatic Chase and Crash in São Paulo After Watch Theft

Wealthy Businessman Experiences Dramatic Chase and Crash in São Paulo After Watch Theft

In a shocking incident that occurred on a Sunday in São Paulo, Brazil, a wealthy businessman became the victim of a brazen theft.

The 64-year-old man was waiting at a traffic light when an armed thief approached him. The thief, wielding a gun, forced the businessman to hand over his £30,000 Rolex watch.

The businessman was driving his lime green Lamborghini, valued at £300,000, which unfortunately was not insured.

The Chaotic Pursuit

Determined to retrieve his stolen watch, the businessman engaged in a reckless chase down the streets of São Paulo.

As the traffic light turned green, the Lamborghini accelerated rapidly in pursuit of the thief, who was attempting to escape on a Honda Twister motorbike.

The pursuit was captured on video, showing the luxury sports car speeding down the road and then veering left to collide with the motorbike and a traffic light pole.

The Aftermath of the Collision

The collision was severe, with the Lamborghini smashing into the motorbike and the pole with significant force.

Smoke billowed from the car’s bonnet as the top half of the traffic pole snapped and fell beside the car. The motorbike was left in a heap of scraps on the ground. Despite the dramatic crash, the thief managed to flee the scene on foot, still in possession of the stolen Rolex.

Police Identification and Investigation

Local authorities swiftly arrived at the scene of the incident. They were able to identify the thief through the number plate on the damaged motorbike left behind.

Additionally, the thief’s mobile phone and the gun used in the robbery were recovered from the site. Police reports indicated that an arrest was imminent.

Uninsured Luxury Car and Injuries

In the midst of this chaotic event, it was revealed that the Lamborghini was uninsured. The driver, although suffering cuts to his arm, was otherwise uninjured. His passenger also emerged unharmed. The businessman expressed his frustration and helplessness, noting that he had no choice but to surrender his watch due to the threat posed by the armed robber.

Police Statement and Further Details

A police spokesperson provided additional details, suggesting that the businessman deliberately crashed into the thief in an attempt to thwart the crime.

The spokesperson confirmed the sequence of events, stating: “The driver of a Lamborghini was approached by an armed suspect on a motorbike at Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima around 12:45 pm on Sunday.

The individual announced the hold-up and took the victim’s watch. The victim then accelerated his car against the perpetrator in an attempt to stop the crime, but the criminal managed to flee.”

The spokesperson also mentioned that the motorbike and gun were left at the scene by the fleeing thief.

The police are expected to release more details once their investigation is complete.

Public Reaction and Media Coverage

The incident, captured on video and widely shared, has garnered significant public and media attention.

A Brazilian TV station highlighted the fact that the luxury Lamborghini was uninsured, adding another layer of complexity to the story.

The dramatic footage of the chase and subsequent crash has sparked discussions about the risks and consequences of such bold attempts to recover stolen property.


This incident in São Paulo serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with high-value thefts and the lengths to which individuals might go to reclaim their stolen possessions.

The combination of an uninsured luxury car, a high-speed chase, and a daring escape has created a dramatic narrative that continues to unfold as police pursue the suspect.

As the investigation proceeds, more information is expected to emerge, shedding further light on this extraordinary event.

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