São Paulo School Shooting: Tragedy Strikes as Bullying Takes a Devastating Turn

School Shooting Tragedy in São Paulo, Brazil

In a tragic incident at Sapopemba State School in São Paulo, Brazil, a 17-year-old junior, Giovanna Bezerra, was fatally shot, and two other students were wounded by a 16-year-old freshman.

This horrifying event took place just two weeks after the freshman had expressed his intention to carry out an attack on a Discord chat.

The Attack Unfolds

Shocking video footage captured the moment when Giovanna Bezerra was shot in the head at point-blank range.

The school shooter, wearing a mask, then entered a classroom and opened fire, narrowly missing a young girl’s face.

He walked through the room while terrified students sought refuge on the ground, sparing the life of a young boy who raised his hands in surrender.

School Administrator’s Heroic Action

A school administrator intervened and disarmed the shooter, detaining him until the police arrived.

The firearm used in the attack, a legally registered .38 caliber revolver belonging to the shooter’s father, was recovered.

Injured Students and a Heroic Father

Two other students, Emily Silva and Fernanda Rebeiro, sustained gunshot wounds and were rushed to Sapopemba General Hospital.

Gabriel Polloni, who tried to escape the school through a window, suffered a hand injury and received medical treatment.

Emily Silva’s father, Alessandro Silva, rushed to the school and transported his injured daughter to the hospital after receiving her distressing text.

Discord Chat and Bullying

The shooter had previously mentioned his plans in a Discord chat, where other members reportedly encouraged him to proceed.

It is believed that the attack was orchestrated by four students who had experienced bullying at the school.

The shooter, in particular, had been targeted due to his sexual orientation, being openly gay.

Community Shock and Political Response

Students and witnesses expressed shock at the planned nature of the attack, and some noted that the shooter had warned about it two weeks in advance.

São Paulo Governor Tarcísio de Freitas announced a 10-day suspension of classes at the school.

The incident has sparked discussions about the importance of addressing bullying and homophobia in schools.

Administrator and Psychologists’ Assessment

São Paulo Secretary of Education Renato Feder stated that the school’s administrators and psychologists were not aware of any potential for aggression in the student who carried out the attack.

The tragedy has highlighted the need for improved awareness and preventive measures in schools.

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the need for early intervention and support for students facing bullying and discrimination to prevent such devastating incidents.