Breaking: Indian Athletes Struggle at Asian Weightlifting Championships

Breaking: Indian Athletes Struggle at Asian Weightlifting Championships

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the Asian Weightlifting Championships have emerged as a strenuous test for the Indian contingent. The event, which kicked off on February 3 and will run until February 10, has seen Indian athletes Gyaneshwari Yadav, Ditimoni Sonowal, and Valluri Ajaya Babu struggle to secure medals in their respective categories.

Indian Performances

Gyaneshwari Yadav, who competed in the women’s 49kg Olympic event, ended up in the eighth position with a total lift of 178kg. Her performance, while commendable, was not enough to secure a place on the podium. In the non-Olympic categories, Ditimoni Sonowal and Valluri Ajaya Babu displayed their prowess but fell short of medal positions. Sonowal secured the fourth spot in the women’s 64kg category with a 194kg lift, while Babu took the sixth position in the men’s 81kg category with a 297kg lift.

Olympic Qualification Rankings

These athletes are not just competing for medals; they are also vying for Olympic Qualification Rankings (OQR). These rankings will significantly impact their chances of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics. The qualification cycle concludes in April, and the top 10 weightlifters in OQR will earn Olympic quotas for their national teams.

Notable Absences and Stellar Performances

Notably absent from this event was Mirabai Chanu, the Tokyo Olympics silver medalist. In contrast, the Championships saw a new world record set in the women’s 49kg category by a North Korean lifter, who achieved a 220kg lift. Gold medals also went to North Korea’s Ri Suk in the women’s 64kg and Ri Chong Song in the men’s 81kg categories.