Breaking: Massive Security Deployment Ensures Orderly Election 2024 in Pakistan

With the dawn of February 8, 2024, Pakistan stands on the brink of an uncertain political future as it conducts its general elections, one of the most unpredictable electoral events in its history. An immense turnout of over 128 million voters is expected to cast their votes, choosing their representatives for the national and provincial assemblies for a term of five years.

Unprecedented Security Measures

As a testament to the volatile political climate, the Pakistani government has embarked on an unprecedented security deployment. Over 600,000 personnel, drawn from the Pakistan Army, civil armed forces, and police force, have been stationed across the nation. This includes 23,940 army personnel, 30,882 from civil armed forces, and 465,736 police officers, forming an imposing security framework to maintain peace and ensure electoral transparency.

In addition to this, 106,342 members of quick response forces are on standby, primed to act upon the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP’s) request. They form the third tier of security, supplementing the police and civil armed forces, upholding law and order during this critical phase.

Threat Level Assessment

The ECP has categorized the polling stations into three levels of sensitivity. Out of a total of 92,500 stations across the country, over 17,500 have been classified as highly sensitive, 32,508 as sensitive, and 42,500 as normal. This stratification is based on the potential for unrest and the inherent security threats in each area.

Curtailing Risks

Considering the recent surge in terrorist activities and the heightened threat levels nationwide, the authorities have imposed internet curbs and temporarily suspended mobile services. Security measures, including checkpoints and roadblocks near potential targets, are in place. The nation has witnessed a surge in acts of intimidation and attacks on political party offices, candidates, and supporters, making these measures a grim necessity. Pakistan is on high alert, especially in areas bordering Afghanistan, where the threat of attacks by militant groups such as Islamic State-Khorsan (IS-K) looms large.

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