Rubi Rose’s Alleged ‘Super Fan’ Denies Spending $60,000 on OnlyFans in a Month

Rubi Rose’s Alleged ‘Super Fan’ Denies Spending $60,000 on OnlyFans in a Month

Rubi Rose OnlyFans Controversy Unraveled

A supposed ‘super fan’ of rapper Rubi Rose, previously identified as Brandon and alleged to have spent $60,000 on her OnlyFans within a month, now claims the entire saga was a setup orchestrated by the rapper’s team.

Brandon, disavowing the title, asserted that he was coerced into a publicity stunt, including getting a tattoo of Rose’s face on his leg in exchange for monetary compensation.

Unveiling the Alleged Hoax

The rapper had previously shared screenshots of DMs purportedly from Brandon expressing love and unwavering devotion, alongside screenshots indicating significant payments made on her OnlyFans.

However, Brandon, appearing on the No Jumper podcast, refuted these claims, stating that he never purchased any of Rose’s content on OnlyFans and was unaware of the extent of the story’s escalation.

He disclosed that he took a photo with Rubi Rose for what he thought was a promotional event, not realizing it would be tied to a narrative portraying him as her top spender.

Disputing Allegations and Unveiling the Truth

Addressing the purported messages and the $60,000 expenditure linked to Rose, Brandon clarified that the money did not originate from his account, raising questions about the authenticity of the narrative constructed around his supposed obsessive spending.

Additionally, he revealed an offer to get a tattoo of Rose’s name in exchange for $20,000 but claimed he did not anticipate it would involve a portrait.

Brandon also disclaimed sending any of the texts Rose had previously shared publicly, alleging that he was manipulated into a situation he did not fully comprehend.

Rubi Rose’s Silence and Unanswered Questions

Despite the unraveling of this narrative, Rubi Rose has remained silent about the controversy, neither addressing the claims made nor responding to the assertions brought forth by Brandon.

The rapper, known for her presence on OnlyFans and social media, has maintained her stance without further commentary or clarification regarding the ongoing debate and allegations raised by the alleged ‘super fan.’

The alleged saga raises questions about the authenticity of online interactions and the portrayal of relationships on platforms like OnlyFans, shedding light on the potential for orchestrated narratives in the realm of social media stardom.

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