Pete Garner, Founding Member of The Stone Roses, Remembered as He Leaves Us at 61

Remembering Pete Garner: The Original Bassist of The Stone Roses

The music world is in mourning as Pete Garner, the original bassist of iconic band The Stone Roses, has passed away at the age of 61.

Garner’s role in the formation and early days of the band left an indelible mark on the music industry.

A Schoolyard Connection: The Birth of a Musical Journey

Pete Garner’s journey in music began when he met his future bandmate Ian Brown during their school days in 1977.

Little did they know that this chance encounter would kickstart a remarkable musical journey. It was in their teenage years that the seeds of what would become The Stone Roses were sown.

The Official Formation of The Stone Roses

In 1983, Pete Garner and Ian Brown joined forces to officially form The Stone Roses. Shortly after, they recruited guitarist John Squire, solidifying the band’s lineup.

Garner’s bass playing would become an integral part of the band’s distinctive sound.

A Tribute Shared Online: Pete’s Love for Music

Following the news of Pete Garner’s passing, his bandmate took to social media to share their heartfelt tributes.

Garner himself had also used social media to express his love for music. In a touching message, he reminisced about their early days as young punk rockers in ’77 and the night before taking his math and geography O levels when they went to see The Clash.

A Beloved Music Enthusiast and an Old School Kindness

Pete Garner’s passion for music was unwavering, with a deep love for the art form evident throughout his life. Those who knew him described him as “off the scale nice,” embodying a kindness and warmth that’s rare to find in today’s world.

Pete’s Musical Contributions: A Legacy Lives On

During his time with The Stone Roses, Pete Garner made significant contributions to the band’s music. He played on the band’s debut AA-side single “So Young” and the track “Tell Me.”

His distinctive basslines added a unique dimension to their sound. He was also a part of the hit song “Sally Cinnamon,” released in 1987.

The Evolution of The Stone Roses: Pete’s Departure

Pete Garner eventually left the band, and he was replaced by Rob Hampson before long-term bassist Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield took over at the end of 1987. The band continued to evolve, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of music.

A Final Farewell to Pete Garner

The passing of Pete Garner marks the end of an era and a poignant moment in the history of The Stone Roses.

As the music community mourns this loss, his memory and contributions to the band will be forever cherished.