Dramatic Moment: Boat Captain Narrowly Escapes Being Crushed by Pickup Truck

Close Call at Boat Ramp

A boat captain in Florida experienced a heart-stopping moment when his parking brake malfunctioned while he was attempting to back his boat into the water.

The incident, captured on camera, unfolded at the Black Point Marina, south of Miami, and came perilously close to disaster.

The Scene Unfolds

Alfred Montana, who was recording the scene at the marina, focused his camera on individuals carefully maneuvering their boats into the water.

As the pickup truck slowly backed the boat into the water, the driver stood next to the open door, a routine part of the process.

Typically, at this stage, the boat is detached from the truck, allowing it to float freely in the water.

A Terrifying Moment

However, a terrifying turn of events occurred as the driver lost his footing and was almost dragged beneath his still-reversing vehicle.

Quick-thinking individuals on a nearby jetty spotted the unfolding danger and swiftly moved their own vessel in reverse to avoid a potential collision.

Spectators on the jetty were left astounded by the shocking sequence of events.

Escape and Helplessness

The boat captain managed to scramble out of the water, but his ordeal continued as he watched helplessly as his car began to float away on the water’s surface.

Fellow boaters and onlookers were left bewildered, unsure of how to salvage the situation.

The Submerged Vehicle

Minutes later, the submerged vehicle disappeared from view, sinking beneath the waters of the marina.

This heart-pounding incident took place during the July 4th weekend in Miami, Florida, but the video of the harrowing event has only recently gained widespread attention on social media.

Recovery Operation

A tow truck eventually arrived at the scene, accompanied by a deep-sea diver.

They successfully secured a rope around the front of the sunken car, which by this point was several feet below the water’s surface.

With a collective effort, the black pickup truck was pulled out of the water, leaving marina staff and onlookers in awe of the operation.


As the vehicle was hoisted out of the water, water poured out through the car doors, revealing the extent of the ordeal.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected dangers that can unfold during routine activities at a boat ramp.

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