Bishop Aguilar’s Plea for Peace Amid Escalating Violence

Bishop Aguilar’s Plea for Peace Amid Escalating Violence

Bishop Aguilar’s Grave Concerns:

Bishop Aguilar has highlighted the distressing reality of escalating violence in the region, citing incidents of armed individuals entering communities, instilling fear, and compelling residents through terror.

His heartfelt message addressed the suffering and desperate cries for peace from individuals across all demographics, emphasizing the urgent need for security, justice, and peace.

Dire Situation and Forced Displacement:

Expressing profound concern, the bishop lamented the plight of numerous families forced to abandon their homes due to threats and a deteriorating quality of life in their hometowns.

The region witnesses an alarming rise in migration, with an increasing number of families compelled to leave their dwellings behind.

Allegations of Collusion and Safety Concerns:

Aguilar accused certain individuals within state security and justice institutions of collaborating with criminal factions, resulting in intimidation against those who dare to report organized crime.

Many who have reported criminal actions have faced harassment, compelling them to abandon their residences and possessions, aggravating their suffering.

Failure of Security Measures:

Despite the presence of military forces, national guards, and state police in the region, Aguilar expressed dismay at the persistent lack of security and the unabated incidence of violence.

Residents, baffled by the situation, question the effectiveness of these security measures given the ongoing threats and violence.

Urgent Calls for Restoring Order and Disarmament:

The bishop called upon authorities to prioritize the restoration of social order without endangering civil society and emphasized the immediate need for disarming criminal gangs.

Aguilar’s plea urges swift action to address the escalating crisis while safeguarding the well-being and safety of the affected communities.

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