Allison Huynh, Co-Founder of Willow Garage, Criticizes Biden and Endorses Trump After Fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago

Allison Huynh, 48, co-created AI and robotics designer Willow Garage, which was later acquired by Google. She also played a significant role in developing early e-commerce websites. Huynh claims she helped rally Big Tech support for Barack Obama in 2008. Now, she criticizes Joe Biden as being ‘out of touch’ and is supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

From Obama Enthusiast to Trump Supporter

A former liberal tycoon from Silicon Valley, Huynh has become disillusioned with the Biden administration and is now backing Donald Trump. She is even selling some of her valuable Democrat memorabilia, including a rocking chair that belonged to John F. Kennedy and the artwork for Shepard Fairey’s famous HOPE posters, which she once bought out of her excitement for Obama.

Clearing Out Democrat Collectibles

Huynh explained to the New York Post that she is “cleaning house.” She mentioned that while she was a lifelong liberal and Democrat, she believes it’s best to move on when things no longer serve her. Items like the HOPE poster, purchased for around $1 million, and JFK’s chair, bought for $100,000, are being sold as they no longer hold meaning for her.

Disillusionment with Tech Leaders and Obama

Huynh takes credit for influencing tech leaders like Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt to support Obama in 2008. However, she now shares a sense of disappointment with these tech leaders, similar to her feelings about Obama’s presidency. She feels Obama’s message of equality and inclusiveness has not materialized as she hoped.

Criticism of Current Policies

Huynh criticizes current immigration policies, tech privacy issues, and the lack of support from big tech companies. She believes immigrants are causing problems, and big tech invades privacy without providing adequate customer support. Recent events, including COVID-19 and liberal policies in major cities, have further turned her against the Democrats.

Impressed by Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Huynh recently attended a fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and found him surprisingly charming, describing him as light, funny, and intelligent. She was impressed by his understanding of issues important to her and felt that the attendees were down-to-earth.

San Francisco’s Liberal Failures

Living in San Francisco, Huynh sees the city’s problems as a result of unchecked liberal policies. She is particularly concerned about public drug use, violence, and looting, calling San Francisco “a failed science experiment for super leftist ideas and ideals.”

Discontent with Democrats’ Immigration Stance

Huynh’s dissatisfaction with the Democrats’ approach to illegal immigration is a significant reason for her political shift. She supports hardworking legal immigrants but is against open admission policies that she believes lead to crime.

COVID-19 Response and Liberal Elitism

Huynh feels the Democrats mishandled COVID-19, especially in big cities like San Francisco. She argues that Republicans were smarter in their approach, focusing on who was actually at risk. She also criticizes liberal tech billionaires for escaping to private islands and estates during the pandemic.

Voting for Trump in 2024

Despite her previous liberal stance, Huynh is now fully supporting Trump. She finds his rhetoric entertaining and his policies sensible. After meeting him, she believes Trump is engaging and likable, stating, “I would like to hang out with Trump. He’s a really cool guy.”


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