Biden and Trump’s second term plans described as ‘nothing’ and ‘revenge’ respectively

Potential Successors and Public Sentiment in the 2024 Election: A Poll Analysis – 

Amidst speculations surrounding the electoral future of 81-year-old Joe Biden and 77-year-old Donald Trump, a recent Daily Mail/J.L. Partners poll sheds light on the preferences of Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters regarding potential successors in the 2024 election.

Democratic and Republican Preferences:

If either Biden or Trump were to withdraw from the race, Democrats express a preference for Vice President Kamala Harris or former First Lady Michelle Obama to step in.

On the Republican side, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerges as the favored candidate. Notably, the poll indicates a lack of enthusiasm for any standout candidate to captivate both parties.

Independent Voter Dynamics:

Independent voters offer a nuanced perspective, favoring former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for the Republican nomination and placing Michelle Obama ahead of Kamala Harris as their preferred Democratic candidate, despite Obama’s public stance against running.

Other prominent figures, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, rank lower in the Democratic field, while former Fox News host Tucker Carlson receives modest support among Republicans.

Establishment Figures vs. New Leadership:

The poll suggests a preference for established figures rather than bold newcomers who could reshape the political landscape. Democrats, in particular, exhibit a tendency to revert to familiar figures, with one in three considering either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama.

This inclination underscores the uncertainty within the Democratic base until a clear successor emerges.

Age and Significance of the Question:

Given Biden’s status as the oldest president in history and Trump facing legal challenges that could impact his eligibility, the question of successors holds substantial weight.

Biden’s perceived slowing down and Trump’s potential legal hurdles contribute to the significance of this inquiry.

Public Perception of Second-Term Plans:

When asked to describe the candidates’ plans for a second term, the responses were less than inspiring. For Trump, the word ‘revenge’ dominated, while for Biden, the prevailing term was ‘nothing,’ reflecting a lack of enthusiasm or clarity regarding their respective agendas.

Closing Thoughts on Republican Dynamics:

As the race on the Republican side begins to take shape, Governor DeSantis holds a significant lead, particularly in contrast to Independent voter preferences where Nikki Haley takes precedence.

The Republican base remains divided, with January’s Iowa and New Hampshire primaries expected to influence the trajectory.

Current Electoral Landscape:

Despite facing legal challenges, Trump maintains a clear lead in a hypothetical 2024 matchup against Biden.

The poll results indicate Trump’s ability to garner support from independent voters, while Biden witnesses a decline in support within his own party and among women.


The poll outcomes illuminate the complexities and uncertainties surrounding the potential successors in the 2024 election, emphasizing the nuanced preferences across party lines.

As the political landscape evolves, the search for a viable candidate continues, with January’s primaries anticipated to bring further clarity to the race.

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