Decisive Swing State Survey Reveals Biden’s Potential Road to Triumph: Voters Prioritize Halting Trump as Second Key Objective

The Voter’s Pulse: Key Concerns in Swing States

An Exclusive Glimpse:
In a revealing poll conducted by JL Partners for, likely voters in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin disclosed their primary considerations for the forthcoming 2024 election.

Surprisingly, while the economy took center stage as the most significant factor, a prevailing sentiment among respondents emerged—the urgency to prevent Donald Trump’s return to power ranked second, showcasing its prominence in voter priorities.

Economy and Trump’s Shadow:
Across these pivotal states, the state of the economy stood as the primary concern.

Yet, ‘stopping Trump’ emerged as a close second, notably being highlighted by 20% of Wisconsinites and 16% in Georgia.

In Arizona, border security slightly nudged ‘stopping Trump’ to third place—a testament to the diverse priorities influencing voter choices.

A Personal Quest for Democrats:
Strikingly, among Democrats, preventing a Trump resurgence outweighed all other electoral issues.

While Republicans focused on policy-driven concerns like the economy and border security, for Democrats, the stakes felt more personal—an assertion against Trump’s potential return.

The Challenge for Biden:
Interestingly, this poll signifies a challenging landscape for President Biden.

Though concerns about Biden’s age appeared relatively low, it unveiled a landscape where Trump’s absence looms larger than Biden’s performance, a dynamic that may dictate voter turnout in the next election.

Unraveling Voter Sentiments:
However, divergences surfaced among ethnic minorities, with the economy emerging as a key focal point.

This divergence points to Biden’s potential struggle in mobilizing traditional Democratic support, posing a challenge in retaining these vital voting blocs.

The Battle of Narratives:
As Democratic strategist Brad Bannon suggests, Biden’s campaign might find its footing in juxtaposing his administration’s COVID recovery against the tumultuous Trump era.

The emphasis would revolve around vividly contrasting job creation and economic stabilization during each presidency.


The poll illuminates the intricate web of priorities shaping voter sentiments in critical swing states.

While the economy takes precedence, the specter of Trump’s potential return casts a shadow over the electoral landscape, resonating particularly among Democrats.

Biden’s challenge lies not just in steering the nation’s economic recovery but also in countering the looming specter of his predecessor’s political resurgence.

The interplay between these factors sets the stage for an electrifying and consequential election cycle ahead.

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