Biden Affirms Hunter Will Face Federal Gun Charges Without Presidential Intervention

Biden Affirms Hunter Will Face Federal Gun Charges Without Presidential Intervention

In a recent interview, President Joe Biden made it unequivocally clear that he would not pardon his son, Hunter Biden, who is currently facing federal gun charges.

Speaking with ABC News’ David Muir, Biden affirmed his commitment to letting the judicial process take its course, even as his family stands by Hunter during this challenging time.

Biden’s Stance on Hunter’s Trial

During the interview, when asked if he would accept the outcome of Hunter’s trial, President Biden responded with a firm “yes.”

This trial, which has seen numerous appearances by Hunter’s ex-lovers as witnesses, has captured significant public and media attention.

When further pressed on whether he would rule out pardoning his son, Biden again answered affirmatively, demonstrating his resolve to maintain the integrity of the judicial process.

The Charges Against Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s trial, which commenced recently in Wilmington, Delaware, revolves around accusations that he lied to a federally licensed gun dealer.

Specifically, he is charged with making a false claim on a firearms application, stating he was not a drug user, and illegally possessing the firearm for 11 days.

At the time of these events, Hunter has admitted in his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” that he was addicted to crack cocaine.

Family Support Amidst Legal Troubles

Throughout the trial, the Biden family has shown a united front in supporting Hunter. While President Biden spent the first day of the trial at his Wilmington lakefront home, other family members attended the proceedings.

First Lady Jill Biden, Hunter’s sister Ashley Biden, and other close relatives were present at the courthouse, providing moral support.

Hunter’s wife, Melissa Cohen, also made headlines with her candid remarks directed at a former Trump aide attending the trial.

Comparing Trials: Trump and Biden

The timing of Hunter Biden’s trial coincides closely with the conclusion of former President Donald Trump’s trial. Just a week prior, Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records related to hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

Trump, maintaining that the trial was rigged, has labeled himself a “political prisoner” and suggested that future presidents might retaliate against their political adversaries.

Biden’s Response to Trump’s Claims

In the interview, President Biden also addressed Trump’s conviction, stating, “He got a fair trial. The jury spoke.”

This comment was a direct rebuttal to Trump’s claims of being unfairly treated. Biden emphasized that Trump is attempting to undermine the judicial process by questioning the legitimacy of the trial’s outcome.

Witness Testimonies and Trial Developments

Hunter Biden’s trial has featured testimony from several of his former partners. Witnesses have included Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother Beau Biden; Kathleen Buhle, his first wife and mother of three of his children; and Zoe Kestan, an ex-girlfriend he met at a strip club.

Their testimonies have added a personal dimension to the legal proceedings, highlighting the complex intersections of Hunter’s personal and legal challenges.

President Biden’s European Trip

Amidst these domestic issues, President Biden flew to Paris for the D-Day commemoration in Normandy.

His interview with David Muir took place on the sidelines of this significant event, demonstrating Biden’s ability to balance his presidential duties with the personal trials facing his family.


President Joe Biden’s refusal to pardon his son, Hunter, underscores his commitment to upholding the judicial process, even as it affects his own family.

As Hunter’s federal gun trial continues, the support from his family remains steadfast.

This case not only highlights the legal troubles of the president’s son but also the broader issues of accountability and integrity within the highest echelons of American politics.