Hunter Biden Set to Plead Not Guilty in Gun Purchase Case

Hunter Biden Set to Plead Not Guilty in Gun Purchase Case

Hunter Biden to Plead Not Guilty in Gun Purchase Case

Hunter Biden, aged 53, is scheduled to appear in court today, where he is expected to enter a plea of not guilty.

The case revolves around allegations that he lied about his drug use when purchasing a handgun in 2018. This legal proceeding marks the first-ever criminal prosecution involving a sitting U.S. president’s child.

Fell Apart Plea Deal

This legal development follows the collapse of a plea deal earlier this summer. The proposed agreement would have seen President Joe Biden’s son plead guilty to tax-related charges and admit to false statements about drug use, thus avoiding imprisonment.

Charges Against Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges, stemming from his 2018 firearm purchase.

On a federal firearm form, he declared that he was neither addicted to nor using illicit substances at the time of buying a Colt Cobra handgun.

However, his own book provides evidence of his drug addiction, contradicting the information on the form.

Unresolved Plea Deal

The plea deal in question involved Hunter Biden pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations, which would have resulted in a lighter sentence.

Furthermore, it would have spared him punishment for the firearm charges under the condition that he refrained from possessing firearms and abstained from alcohol and illegal drugs for two years.

Accusations of Broken Agreement

Hunter Biden’s legal team contends that prosecutors violated the plea deal, asserting that they believe the agreement remains in effect.

They argue that their client, who is in recovery from addiction, continues to adhere to its terms.

Hunter Biden’s Court Appearance

Images obtained by show Hunter Biden arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday.

He was en route to Wilmington, Delaware, where he is scheduled to appear in court the following day for this significant legal proceeding.

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