Bianca Snyder Witnesses Burning Man With Her Seven Year Old Son

Bianca Snyder Witnesses Burning Man With Her Seven Year Old Son

Since he was a baby, Bianca Snyder has brought her son Tage to Burning Man.

In 2018, a photo of her nursing him there went viral.

According to Snyder, the unguarded photo sparked a storm of abuse from online users.

A mother described the “horrific” mother-shaming she experienced after pictures of her breastfeeding her son at Burning Man went viral.

Despite this, she insisted that she would still bring her child to the festival, and at the age of seven, he is currently attending his seventh “Burn.”

An image of Chicago-based cannabis entrepreneur Bianca Snyder breastfeeding her 22-month-old son Tage on the arid playa while loving her husband Tad was featured in a 2018 Bored Panda post headlined “Epic Photos From Burning Man 2018 That Prove It’s The Craziest Festival In The World.”

Bianca claimed in a recent TikTok that the candid photo of her at the event, which is renowned for encouraging hedonistic behaviours such as drug use, nudity, and sex, sparked a flood of abuse from viewers who labelled her irresponsible and a horrible parent.

Among the criticisms she received were the phrases “disgusting, totally gross,” “what kind of c**p parents take their little kid to a week long drug festival in the desert,” and others.

@highsocietymama Have you ever been the victim of mum shame? Being a mother is a special journey that is full of challenges, successes, and numerous choices.

Unhealthy expectations and shame for our choices can be imposed by others’ criticism of our parenting decisions, sometimes known as “mom-shaming,” which can taint this wonderful experience.

It may have a detrimental effect on our mental health, causing tension, anxiety, and unwarranted self-doubt.

Keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” parenting strategy.

Internet trolls have said some terrible things about me breastfeeding at Burning Man, including the following: That child (my son wasn’t even 2) is too old to nurse.

What kind of filthy parents would send their young children to a week-long drûgg celebration in the desert? Why does her preteen suck her breast? I don’t need to see this; the child appears to be 4

Here are some suggestions for preventing mom-shaming on your own: First, trust your gut.

You are the best person to understand your child and your journey.

2. Validate your emotions – It’s acceptable to experience hurt.

After acknowledging your emotions, let them go.

3. Ask for support; surround yourself with those who value your parenting decisions.

4 – Make your mental health a priority by engaging in self-care.

It’s acceptable to seek assistance or take a break.

5 Encourage other mothers to feel confident in their decisions rather than criticising them.

We all try our hardest.

Let’s cultivate a society that respects, empathises with, and understands moms.

Visit #highsocietyofmamas on the other social network to widen your circle of friends.

Say no to mom-shaming and yes to encouraging, effective parenting, which includes using plant medicine guilt-free.

#burningman #burningman2022 #burningmantips #confidentmom #breastfeed #stopmomshaming #stopmomshaming Mama cannamom AF @High Society Mama, #breastfeedingmamasunite High Society Mama cannamom AF, the original sound Despite the negative remarks she has endured over the years, Bianca—who even went to Burning Man at eight months pregnant—says she is still adamant about not letting them affect her.

She maintains that her son Tage’s social skills have improved as a result of the occurrence and that acts like nudity shouldn’t be stigmatised.

We all share the same anatomy, she said, according to Insider.

Regarding the subject of witnessing drunk people, she claims that it gives Tage the chance to practise “handling real-life situations.”

Bianca responded to her detractors in a TikTok video that was published earlier this month.

She elucidated in a series of captions layered on top of the image: “I wondered why I feel ashamed for doing what I love.

I am aware that folks browsing the internet know nothing about my life experience or outlook on the world.

I freely utilise plant medicine and breastfeed without concern because I like to live life on my terms.

The lesson I learnt, which I want to share with you, was to have confidence in my decision.

I can live in my own bubble and enjoy every moment of motherhood without giving in to the expectations or judgement of others, despite what the critics said about me.

Bianca set up an Instagram account for her baby with the username @burnervantage as a symbol of her tenacity.

Numerous pictures of Tage with his parents during Burning Man, from when he was a baby to the present, are shown on the account, which bears the tagline “A Child’s View Of Burning Man.”

Since his birth, he has gone to the arts and music festival practically every year with the exception of 2019 and the years 2020 and 2021 when it was postponed due to the pandemic.

In pictures of him as a child, he can be seen climbing all over the enormous pieces of art and going down on his hands and knees to explore the arid landscape.

He has, however, recently been able to engage his parents and other festival-goers in more vigorous exploration of the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Tage and his parents appear to be having fun in their festival surroundings in a series of pictures from the weekend that were shared online, each of which features a mishmash of different clothing.

Goggles and sunglasses are a requirement at all times due to the desert scenery and erratic winds.

Thanking Bianca for posting the images, one reader wrote: “Love it, you inspiring me to take my son to Burning Man.”

Another person added: “Amazing pictures! I adore them all.

Although Burning Man is known for its wild parties, Bianca advises staying away from it and “finding your own tribe.”

‘You can create the experience that you want to have, and you’re not subject to those extremes if you don’t want to be,’ she said, according to Insider.

People can be seen practising yoga and engaging in meaningful discussions that will advance humankind’s future.

People are appreciating art.

A video of the family at Burning Man also depicts them playing a game called Burner Ball, which Tage claims to adore since it is played similarly to baseball but with no rules and everyone on the same team.

Following the controversy surrounding her Burning Man family outings, Bianca gave a series of advice to her followers on Tiktok in an effort to counteract mom-shaming.

Since “you know your child and your journey better than anyone else,” the most important thing, according to her, is to “trust your instincts.”

The festival-goer, who is currently taking in her 12th year of Burning Man, concludes: “We are all doing our best.

Surround yourself with people who respect your parenting choices.

Encourage fellow mothers to be confident in their choices instead of criticising them.

Let’s cultivate a society that respects, empathises with, and understands moms.

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