Best Strikers in EA FC 24

Having an attacking line full of players with a knack for placing the ball behind the other team’s goalkeeper’s back is a must in EA FC 24. So, either by using cheap EA FC 24 coins or grinding for weeks on end, fans are always on the lookout for effective strikers.

Granted, real-life strikers tend to reserve the biggest chunk of the sport’s popularity, and scoring a goal is a team effort in EA FC 24 as much as it is on the actual football field. It’s an important focal point of this highly competitive game, and also a constantly shifting meta that mirrors the world’s most-watched football leagues and tournaments. 

Here’s our selection of the best strikers in EA FC 24!

Naomie Feller

EA FC 24 made history as the first football-themed video game to feature female players in all of the game’s modes. The French 21-year-old prodigy Naomie Feller is one of the stars that shine brightest in this game. Her playstyle is expertly translated onto the virtual pitch, and her 81 Dribbling and 91 Pace stats make her a preferred choice. 

Securing Naomie Feller is also a wise strategic move, given her relatively low cost of 700 FUT. As a result, signing her will most likely be a turning point in your early-game struggles.

Gabriel Jesus

One of FC Arsenal’s biggest reasons for pride, the Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus received an in-game buff in EA FC 24 after last season’s blazing performance. Right now, he possesses an incredibly well-rounded pool of stats: 88 Dribbling, 82 Shooting and 83 Pace! 

This player’s physicality is also bound to make an impact on the field, and he remains very dangerous from corners due to the 87 skill level in Jumping. Gabriel Jesus’s endurance is another one of his strong suits, as the 82 Stamina pool offers enough leeway to circle around the opponent’s defenses. Lastly, the 2,500 FUT asking price makes Gabriel Jesus an economically viable choice to make as well. 

Antoine Griezmann

This real-life superstar is one of the best choices to make for your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team owing to his trademark suave playing style. The Atlético de Madrid striker has a befitting overall score of 88, with 89 and 90 scores in Agility and Reactions, respectively. That alone makes him a dribbling master, but his Shooting stat of 88, bolstered by a 90 Positioning score, easily elevates Antoine Griezmann into EA FC 24’s stardom. 

While his real-life performance was never subpar in recent years, he was rarely considered in the meta when it comes to the FIFA games (now EA FC). However, the latest iteration brought severe changes in player movement coupled with a truly evolved feel of controlling the ball. Those additions play right into Griezmann’s strengths, ultimately making his 21,500 FUT price seem like a bargain.

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