Tragedy Strikes as Fire Engulfs Kwara State Building and Mosque, Leaving 120 Homeless in its Wake

Fire Department’s Response

Hassan Adekunle, the Head of Department of Media and Publicity of the fire department, released a statement on Monday, January 15, revealing that the Kwara State Fire Service swiftly responded to the fire, which erupted at Megida Onikanhun Compound.

Unfortunately, the late call led to a significant portion of the compound and Edun Market already being engulfed in flames upon the firefighters’ arrival.

Efforts to Contain the Blaze

To intensify firefighting efforts, part of the fence was dismantled for improved access. Recognizing the severity of the situation, an SMS message was sent to the Brigade Headquarters at 11:22 a.m. for additional manpower.

The proficient firefighters successfully gained control within an hour, ultimately extinguishing the fire.

Investigation Findings

Investigations into the incident revealed that an unknown individual ignited some refuse, which tragically escalated to the nearby compound, resulting in the extensive damage.

Condolences and Commendations

The statement expressed condolences to Magaji Megida Onikanhun’s representative, Kuranga Adebayo.

While commending the efforts of the fire service, it was acknowledged that the incident left more than 120 occupants homeless, impacting 44 rooms and a mosque.

Remarkably, there were no recorded casualties in the 75-room compound.