BBC’s Spending Spree: Nearly £750,000 Splurged on School Fees for Foreign-Based Journalists’ Kids Over Two Years

Newly disclosed figures reveal that the BBC has expended close to £400,000 in the past year alone on school fees for the children of foreign-based journalists, with an average expenditure of approximately £20,000 per child.

This sum marks a significant escalation from previous years, with the corporation shelling out nearly £750,000 over the course of two years for this purpose.

Public Outcry and Campaigner Response

The revelation of the BBC’s hefty spending on school fees has sparked outrage among licence fee payers, who are dismayed by the notion of their funds being allocated towards such expenses.

Campaign groups have condemned the expenditure, arguing that taxpayers should not be footing the bill for private education.

BBC’s Defense and Policy

In response to queries regarding the expenditure, the BBC clarified that it only contributes towards school fees for the children of staff seconded overseas for a temporary period, where adequate local state education is unavailable.

The corporation emphasized that such financial assistance is provided in exceptional cases and forms part of its support for staff deployed internationally.

Comparison with Government Expenditure

While the BBC’s school fee outlay may seem substantial, it pales in comparison to the sums disbursed by government departments for similar purposes.

The Foreign Office, for instance, spent millions on private school fees for children of diplomats, underscoring the broader context within which the BBC’s spending must be considered.

Calls for Funding Reform and Subscription Model

Amidst the public backlash, calls for reforming the BBC’s funding model have intensified, with suggestions that the corporation transition to a subscription-based system.

Critics argue that such a shift would alleviate the burden on taxpayers while ensuring greater accountability and transparency in expenditure allocation.

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