Rowsan MacKenzie garners attention for extreme doomsday prepping, spending 12 years and over $90,000 building a hidden bunker in her home

Background on Rowsan MacKenzie’s Doomsday Prepping:

Rowsan MacKenzie, a resident of Missouri, has garnered attention for her extreme doomsday prepping, having spent 12 years and over $90,000 building a hidden bunker in her home.

MacKenzie, who became a social media phenomenon, emphasizes the necessity of preparing for the end of the world.

Exclusive Bunker Access and Justifications:

Despite family ties, MacKenzie firmly asserts that her bunker’s door will remain closed to anyone, including her family.

She justifies this stance by stating that only those who contributed to building it will gain access, underlining the hard decisions required in challenging times.

Investments in Bunker Construction and Stockpiling:

MacKenzie’s journey began 13 years ago when she started stockpiling essential items, including beans and rice. As her stockpile grew, she invested more than $10,000 in building an underground space in her home.

The bunker now houses food, water, and defense weaponry.

MacKenzie acknowledges spending over $20,000 additionally on food, focusing on long-lasting items such as beans, rice, chips, and rice cakes.

Preparedness Measures for Global Uncertainty:

Fueled by concerns over wars, economic strain, and even potential encounters with 10ft aliens, MacKenzie takes new measures to ensure her family’s safety.

She emphasizes preparing for war, inflation, nuclear disasters, and general chaos, citing the rising prices of essential items as a driving force.

Top Tips for Prepping and Bunker Maintenance:

In the new year, MacKenzie shares her top tips for those considering preparedness. She underscores the importance of stocking up on water, often overlooked, along with food and medical supplies.

MacKenzie’s stockpile, designed to last a year or more, features a flawless rotation system to minimize wastage.

Family Understanding and Public Backlash:

While her family, including husband Matt Bradley and son Ashton Varney, supports her prepping endeavors, MacKenzie faces criticism and confusion from others.

She acknowledges backlash from people who deem her actions unnecessary, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and the inevitability of needing supplies in unforeseen circumstances.

Importance of Preparedness and Community Understanding:

MacKenzie, with over 80,000 followers on social media, remains steadfast in her belief in the importance of preparedness.

She expresses concern for those who choose to ignore global realities, stating that understanding the need for preparedness is crucial for survival.

In summary, Rowsan MacKenzie’s extreme doomsday prepping journey, coupled with her decision to exclude family members from the bunker, raises questions about the lengths some individuals go to ensure their survival in the face of global uncertainties.