Axl Rose Faces Legal Battle as Former Penthouse Pet Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

Axl Rose Faces Legal Battle as Former Penthouse Pet Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

Sheila Kennedy, a 61-year-old former Penthouse model, has filed a lawsuit accusing Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose of sexual assault.

This legal action, initiated more than seven years after she first shared her story with, aims to seek unspecified monetary damages through a jury trial.

Encounter at NYC Club:

The legal documents reveal that Kennedy met Axl Rose at a New York City club in February 1989 before attending a private party in his hotel suite.

At the party, Kennedy alleges witnessing Rose engaging in aggressive behavior with another model before turning his attention towards her.

The Alleged Assault:

Sheila Kennedy claims that Axl Rose, after a confrontation with the other model, forcibly dragged her by the hair, tied her hands with pantyhose, and sexually assaulted her.

The lawsuit emphasizes that Kennedy did not consent and felt overpowered during the incident, resulting in lasting trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Legal Basis and Previous Account:

Kennedy’s lawyers cite the N.Y. Adult Survivors Act, allowing victims of sexual abuse to file civil suits beyond the statute of limitations.

In her 2016 account to, Kennedy described the 1989 party as one of many wild experiences during her decade as a Penthouse Pet.

Details of the Alleged Assault:

Kennedy recalls seeing prescription medicine and cocaine at the 1989 party, where Rose allegedly dragged her across the carpet, causing injuries, and tied her hands before the assault.

The legal filing asserts that Rose used his fame and status to manipulate and assault Kennedy.

Life as a Penthouse Pet:

Kennedy’s background as a Penthouse model is detailed, including her introduction to Bob Guccione’s mansion and her intimate involvement with Guccione and his girlfriend Kathy Keeton.

The mansion, dubbed ‘the jail,’ imposed restrictions on relationships and personal life for Penthouse Pets.

Affair with Guccione:

Kennedy’s romantic involvement with Guccione began shortly after her arrival at his mansion.

She describes the opulence of the mansion and her relationship with Guccione and Keeton in a candid manner.


The lawsuit against Axl Rose unfolds as a legal battle, bringing to light disturbing allegations from 1989.

Sheila Kennedy seeks justice and accountability for the alleged assault, emphasizing the enduring impact on her mental well-being.

Axl Rose has yet to publicly comment on the accusations.

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