Actor-Turned-Politician Laurence Fox Enters Trial Over Damaged Reputation Claims

Actor-Turned-Politician Laurence Fox Enters Trial Over Damaged Reputation Claims

Laurence Fox, in a trial alongside his podcaster ‘girlfriend’ Liz Barker, disclosed that he was considered for roles in ‘Succession,’ Disney’s Obi-Wan, and The Masked Singer before facing a downturn in opportunities after a Twitter feud.

The trial revolves around a row on Twitter, known as X, in October 2020, where Fox called two individuals ‘paedophiles’ after being labeled ‘racist.’

Background of Twitter Feud:

The lawsuit, brought by former Stonewall trustee Simon Blake and drag artist Crystal, originated from a disagreement on Twitter regarding Sainsbury’s decision to celebrate Black History Month.

Fox’s call for a supermarket boycott led to him being labeled ‘racist,’ triggering a legal battle. Fox countersues, claiming damage to his reputation.

Impact on Fox’s Career:

The court presented a schedule of Fox’s ‘business opportunities,’ revealing a decline from 52 in 2019 to four each in 2021 and 2022.

The opportunities included queries about The Masked Singer, Catchphrase, an invite to Ascot Racecourse, and considerations for Succession and Disney’s Obi-Wan.

Legal Arguments and Allegations:

Fox, accused of racism, counterclaims that the tweets from Blake, Seymour, and Thorp damaged his reputation.

The court hears Fox’s denial of being racist and his assertion that he lost his acting agent and faced harassment after the Twitter dispute.

Social Media Posts Highlighted:

The court discusses Fox’s controversial social media posts, including a tweet with pride flags arranged as a swastika and another where he described himself as having ‘racially transitioned.’

The posts are labeled offensive and racist, with the barrister asserting that Fox is an ‘intelligent racist with an agenda.’

Defense and Counterarguments:

Fox’s legal team argues that Blake and Seymour suffered no real-world consequences due to Fox’s tweets.

The defense contends that Fox’s posts were a retort to an allegation of racism rather than factual allegations.

The impact on Fox’s reputation is acknowledged, emphasizing his commitment against racism.

Career Consequences and Decline:

The barrister for Fox acknowledges a significant decline in the quantity and quality of roles offered to the actor since October 2020.

The trial is expected to conclude next week, with a decision to follow at a later date.


Laurence Fox’s trial unveils the complexities of a Twitter feud impacting both his career opportunities and reputation.

The legal battle delves into the aftermath of the social media dispute, exploring claims of racism, counterclaims, and the tangible consequences on Fox’s professional trajectory.