Portable’s Former Signee Accuses Him of Assault, Queen Dami Responds

Portable’s Former Signee Accuses Him of Assault, Queen Dami Responds

Queen Dami Comes to Portable’s Defense Amid Accusations by Young Duu

In a recent turn of events, Queen Dami, the former wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo, has stepped forward to defend her lover, Portable, against allegations made by his former signee, Young Duu.

Young Duu had accused the Zazu crooner of sending his associates to physically harm him, resulting in severe injuries.

Young Duu’s Accusations and Plea for Caution

Young Duu, who had parted ways with Portable’s Zeh Nation label and has been engaged in a public dispute with the artist, came forward to appeal to Nigerians to intervene and prevent any harm that Portable might intend to inflict upon him.

Queen Dami Denies the Accusations

In response to the allegations made by Young Duu, Queen Dami released a press statement on her Instagram page, refuting the claims

According to her, Young Duu’s accusations lack merit and were intentionally made to damage Portable’s reputation.

The management team of Portable also asserted that the allegations were baseless and had been crafted with the deliberate intent of tarnishing Portable’s standing in the industry.

Portable’s Upcoming Tour and Legal Action

The press statement further conveyed that Portable is in good health and is currently preparing for an upcoming tour in Russia and the United Kingdom.

The management is taking steps to address the situation legally and with the relevant authorities to clear Portable’s name from the allegations.

Suspicions of Motives Behind Accusations

The press statement suggested that Young Duu’s allegations might be part of a strategic plan to garner attention and promote his soon-to-be-released song by capitalizing on the negative publicity aimed at Portable.

In conclusion, the management team expressed their appreciation to Portable’s fans for their unwavering support during this challenging period.

Signed by Portable’s Management

The statement serves to clarify the situation and clear Portable’s name from the accusations made by Young Duu.

It underscores the importance of addressing such allegations through legal means and focusing on Portable’s upcoming musical endeavors.