Tems Clears the Air on Romance Speculations, Highlights Admiration for His Creative Prowess

Tems Shuts Down Dating Rumors, Highlights Professional Appreciation for Asake

Nigerian singer Tems, renowned for her soulful music and candid expressions, has addressed speculations regarding her relationship with colleague Asake.

In a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM, Tems clarified that while she greatly admires Asake’s artistic abilities, there is no romantic interest on her part.

Artistic Appreciation for Asake’s Work Ethic

During the interview, when asked about her aspirations to direct music videos for other artists, Tems expressed her desire to work with Asake.

She commended his “artsy” nature and praised his ability to think outside the box, especially in terms of production skills.

Professional Collaboration with Asake

While emphasizing her admiration for Asake’s talents, Tems clarified that her interest in him is strictly professional, particularly in the realm of directing music videos.

She sees potential in collaborating with Asake to create visually compelling and innovative content.

Setting the Record Straight on Romance Speculations

Responding to the interviewer’s playful remark about Asake being “mine,” Tems firmly asserted that there is no romantic involvement on her part.

She encouraged the interviewer to have Asake “all to yourself,” emphasizing that her feelings towards him are purely platonic.

Acknowledging Asake’s Cool Personality

Throughout the conversation, Tems consistently acknowledged Asake as a “really cool guy” and highlighted his positive qualities.

While appreciating his creative contributions to the music industry, she maintained transparency about the nature of their relationship.

In conclusion, Tems’ recent interview sheds light on her professional admiration for Asake, dispelling any romantic rumors and reinforcing the importance of appreciating artistic collaborations in the music industry.

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