Police Spokesman Clarifies Kano’s Decision to Incorporate Repented Criminals into Constabularies, Hails Initiative as ‘Useful Security Agents

Police Spokesman Clarifies Kano’s Decision to Incorporate Repented Criminals into Constabularies, Hails Initiative as ‘Useful Security Agents

Nigeria Police Clarifies Kano State’s Decision to Include Repented Criminals in Security Apparatus

The Spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, addressed the recent controversial move by the Kano state government to integrate 50 repented hardened criminals into the state’s security framework.

Contrary to misconceptions, Adejobi clarified that these individuals were designated as police constabularies, distinguishing them from traditional constables.

Commendation for Kano State’s Community Policing Initiative

In response to the Kano state government’s decision to incorporate repented criminals into the security apparatus under the community policing scheme, Adejobi expressed appreciation.

He specifically commended the state government for converting these individuals into useful security agents.

Understanding the Distinction: Constabularies vs. Constables

Elaborating on the terminology, Adejobi emphasized the critical difference between “police constabularies” and “constables,” dispelling any confusion.

The distinction is crucial in comprehending Kano State’s innovative approach to utilize the expertise of repented criminals for community safety.

Public Skepticism and Adejobi’s Reassurance

Given the unconventional nature of the initiative, Nigerians have expressed skepticism. Adejobi, in his tweet, sought to allay concerns by encouraging a deeper understanding of Kano State’s unique circumstances.

He urged individuals to study Kano State, emphasizing that the government’s intentions were aligned with the peculiar needs of the region.

Kano State’s Initiative: Repented Criminals Trained as Police Constabularies

The controversial move in Kano involved the training and rehabilitation of 50 hardcore criminals, converting them into members of the Nigeria Police Special Constabulary.

The initiative aimed to redirect the efforts of repentant criminals toward combating their unreformed counterparts engaged in criminal activities.

Police Commissioner’s Address to Repented Thugs

Upon completing their two-month training, the repented individuals, primarily from specific local government areas in Kano, were addressed by the Commissioner of Police, CP, Mohammed Usaini Gumel.

The CP expressed satisfaction that fifty youths had chosen to renounce thuggery activities and social vices, heralding a positive change for Kano State.

As the public continues to scrutinize this unconventional move, Kano State remains at the forefront of experimenting with unique strategies under the banner of community policing.

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