Anita Joseph Claps Back at Controversy Surrounding Her Marriage to MC Fish

Anita Joseph Claps Back at Controversy Surrounding Her Marriage to MC Fish

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has expressed her confusion over the opposition she and her younger husband, MC Fish, have faced since confirming their relationship and tying the knot.


Taking to her Instagram page, Anita Joseph questioned why people are against their union, highlighting that she is not the only married celebrity in Nigeria.

She emphasized that her marriage is strong because it is built on a solid foundation rooted in God.

Actress Anita Joseph Claps Back at Troll Over Husband Controlling Allegations

In a recent exchange with a troll who accused her of controlling her husband, Anita Joseph fired back, asking if the troll was the one who provided the money for her bride price.


She defended her husband’s happiness and even claimed to have paid her own bride price, asserting her authority and control in the relationship.

Unexpected Twist as Troll Declares Love for Anita Joseph

Surprisingly, the troll who had initially criticized Anita Joseph and her fans later declared love for the actress, revealing that their negative comments did not affect their feelings towards her.

Anita responded by calling the troll confused and warned against cursing their own future.

Anita Joseph Addresses Claims of Controlling Her Husband

In a previous Instagram post, Anita Joseph had addressed rumors that she was controlling her husband, MC Fish.

She dismissed such reports as old news and urged critics to find something else to talk about.


Anita advised them to focus on their own relationships and try to keep their own partners, suggesting that many of them struggle to maintain a relationship for even two weeks.

Anita Joseph Stands Firm and Shuts Down Critics of Her Marriage

Through various exchanges on social media, Anita Joseph has stood firm in defending her marriage against critics and allegations of control.

She has consistently asserted her independence and emphasized the strength of her relationship, urging others to focus on their own lives rather than attempting to tear down her happiness.


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