Anita Joseph’s Heartwarming Gesture: Extends Birthday Wishes to Uche Ogbodo’s Daughter Amidst Feud

Anita Joseph’s Heartwarming Gesture: Extends Birthday Wishes to Uche Ogbodo’s Daughter Amidst Feud

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has touched hearts with her kind gesture towards Uche Ogbodo’s daughter, Lumina, despite their ongoing disagreement.


The feud between Anita and Uche began after they expressed different opinions regarding an alleged false rape accusation incident on social media.

The False Rape Accusation Incident:

A man named Richard Osita publicly called out his female friend, Bella, accusing her of attempting to falsely accuse him of rape.

He criticized the Nigerian Police for not taking action despite his complaint about the incident.

Diverging Opinions and Backlash:

Uche Ogbodo voiced her disagreement with Richard’s actions, criticizing him for holding grudges after the lady had apologized.

She argued that the woman had only threatened him and had not carried out her intentions.

Uche faced backlash for her statement.


Anita Joseph Stands Against Rape:

In contrast, Anita Joseph urged Uche to stop supporting rape and insisted that the woman should be punished for her threats.

This disagreement led to the two actresses unfollowing each other on social media, and Uche later vented about fake friends and betrayals on her Instagram page.

A Surprising Birthday Celebration:

Unexpectedly, Anita Joseph took to her Instagram page on Thursday night to celebrate Uche Ogbodo’s daughter’s second birthday.

She expressed her wishes for Lumina, referring to her as her goddaughter and praying for her happiness, joy, and success in life.

Reactions from Fans:

Anita’s kind gesture towards Lumina garnered praise from fans, who flooded her comment section with positive messages and appreciation for her act of kindness.

Subtitle 2: Anita Joseph Extends Birthday Wishes to Uche Ogbodo’s Daughter Amidst Feud

A Special Date and a Heartfelt Message:

Actress Anita Joseph chose to celebrate June 8th, a significant date for her, as it marked the birthday of her goddaughter, Uche Ogbodo’s daughter, Lumina.

Anita took to Instagram to express her wishes for Lumina, praying for her happiness, success, and a bright future.


A Gesture Amidst a Tense Relationship:

Anita and Uche had been involved in a public dispute following their differing opinions on a false rape accusation incident.

Their disagreement led to the unfollowing of each other on social media, creating tension between the two actresses.

An Unexpected Show of Love:

Despite the ongoing beef between Anita and Uche, Anita’s decision to acknowledge and celebrate Lumina’s second birthday came as a surprise to many.

The kind gesture touched the hearts of fans and followers, who commended Anita for her ability to put differences aside and show love to Uche’s daughter.

An Outpouring of Praise:

Anita Joseph’s Instagram comment section was flooded with messages from fans, praising her for the act of kindness and expressing admiration for her willingness to extend birthday wishes to Lumina despite the ongoing feud.

Celebrating Lumina’s Special Day:

Anita’s heartfelt message and birthday wishes for Lumina symbolize a moment of positivity and goodwill amidst the conflict between the two actresses.


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