Ekiti State Governor Advocates Arming Amotekun Corps for Enhanced Security in the South West

Ekiti State Governor Advocates Arming Amotekun Corps for Enhanced Security in the South West

Ekiti State Governor Urges Authorization for Amotekun Corps to Bear Arms

During a recent media chat in Ado-Ekiti, Governor Biodun Oyebanji asserted that the Amotekun corps, a local security outfit in the South West, should be equipped with sophisticated arms to address the escalating insecurity in the region.

Engaging with the Federal Government: Seeking Approval for Armed Amotekun

Governor Oyebanji disclosed that discussions have commenced between the six South West governors, including President Bola Tinubu’s-led federal government, to permit the Amotekun corps to carry firearms.

Recognizing the severity of challenges such as kidnappings and killings, the governors believe that arming the local security outfit is crucial for effectively combating criminal activities.

Alleged Obstacles from Previous Administration: Frustrations and Limitations

Highlighting past challenges, Oyebanji claimed that the former administration of President Muhammadu Buhari created obstacles that hindered the effective operations of the Amotekun corps when it was established.

He emphasized the need for a more supportive approach to ensure the outfit’s efficiency.

President Tinubu’s Advocacy for True Federalism: Optimism for Approval

Governor Oyebanji expressed optimism, citing President Tinubu’s advocacy for true federalism.

He believes that the current administration would be more receptive to the request, considering the imperative nature of Amotekun’s role in maintaining regional security.

Armed Amotekun’s Potential: Gathering Intelligence and Ensuring Safety

While Amotekun currently focuses on intelligence gathering shared with formal security apparatus, Oyebanji emphasized the limitations of combating criminals without the ability to protect oneself.

The governor highlighted the potential of Amotekun to contribute significantly to security if granted permission to carry arms, indicating positive discussions between South West governors and the federal government on this matter.

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