Amazon Prime Video Playfully Mocks Netflix Over Password Sharing Crackdown

Amazon Prime Video Playfully Mocks Netflix Over Password Sharing Crackdown

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Netflix’s recent crackdown on password sharing, aimed at reducing the number of users sharing accounts with friends and family in different locations, has prompted a lighthearted response from Amazon Prime Video UK on Twitter.


The streaming rivalry has entertained users as the two giants engage in a humorous exchange.

Netflix Users Face Additional Fees for Shared Accounts

Research firm Digital i reveals that approximately a quarter of Netflix’s 15 million subscribers in the UK engage in password sharing.

However, with the new ban in place, these users will now have to pay an additional £4.99 per month to grant access to other households using their account.

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Amazon Prime Video Mocks Netflix with a Witty Twitter Post

Seizing the opportunity to poke fun at Netflix’s changes, Amazon Prime Video took to Twitter, posting an image that garnered nearly half a million likes.

The image playfully mimics Amazon Prime Video’s landing page, featuring profiles with the caption “Who’s watching?” followed by “Everyone Who Has Our Password” under each profile.

Social Media Users React to Amazon’s Swipe at Netflix

Social media users joined in on the fun, with many finding amusement in Amazon’s response.


The exchange left users laughing, while some expressed their delight at Amazon’s witty comeback.

Netflix’s Strategy Aims for Increased Revenue

Netflix reportedly hopes that cracking down on password sharing will encourage customers to subscribe to additional accounts for users in different locations, resulting in increased revenue.

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While Spain has experienced a decline in Netflix subscribers due to password sharing, Canada has seen an initial dip followed by an increase in the subscriber base, thanks to a “paid sharing” initiative offering extra member accounts.

Continuing Streaming Rivalry Keeps Viewers Entertained

The playful banter between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix showcases the ongoing rivalry between the streaming platforms.

As they navigate evolving user behaviors and adapt their strategies, the competition continues to entertain viewers.


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