Amanda Goff as Samantha X comments in on a criminal’s beast tattoo

Amanda Goff as Samantha X comments in on a criminal’s beast tattoo

A former high-profile sex worker has sarcastically commented on the police hunt for an alleged criminal whose ‘wanted’ poster displaying a distinctive forehead tattoo has gone viral.

A police appeal which went viral caught the eye of former sex worker Amanda Goff (pictured)
NSW Police continue their urgent search for Jaimes Sutton, who is wanted on an outstanding warrant after being freed on bail on domestic violence and property damage charges.

On Wednesday, Sutton’s odd facial features quickly went viral as he became the target of online astonishment and hilarity due to his forehead tattoo reading “Beast.”

The police appeal also piqued the interest of writer and novelist Amanda Goff, formerly known as Samantha X and once an escort.

She tweeted, “Is he single?” with a smile emoji.The former escort formerly known as Samantha X cheekily commented on the police appeal for information about Jaimes Sutton

A viral police appeal drew the attention of former sex worker Amanda Goff (pictured)

The former escort formerly known as Samantha X made a sarcastic remark about the police call for information about Jaimes Sutton.

Goff remarked when asked if he was her type, “We all like a naughty boy…”

Others laughed As the search for Sutton continued on Thursday, Goff would need to enter the line of possible candidates. He is reported to frequent the Deniliquin region close to the New South Wales-Victoria boundary.

Daily Mail Australia was informed by Goff that she was joking.

“He is absolutely not my style; I prefer blondes,” she joked.

“Being single, I felt it would be funny to include it there.

I’m amazed the tweet received so many replies.

After over a decade under the alias Samantha X, Goff just came back to her original name.The police manhunt continues for Jaimes Sutton (pictured) who has a distinctive tattoo

The mother-of-two said in July, “My life has been a rollercoaster of creative highs and crushing lows.”

I will always be a staunch supporter of the adult industry, my clients, and the incredible sex workers. Samantha I am grateful to you. But from now on, I will be known as Amanda Goff.

The search for Jaimes Sutton (pictured), who has a distinguishing tattoo, continues.Amanda Goff has since confirmed she was joking and says the wanted man isn't her type

Since then, Amanda Goff has verified that she was joking and stated that the desired man is not her type.

Previously regarded as Australia’s highest-paid sex worker, the Sydney-based influencer made news in 2014 for her unexpected job choice and was once dubbed Australia’s highest-paid sex worker.

Goff stated earlier this week that she is collaborating with screenwriters to create an eight-part television series about her life.

She said, “I am honored that my life is intriguing enough for a television series!”Amanda Goff, formerly known as Samantha X, was Australia's highest-paid sex worker before giving up the career earlier this year

Ruth Borgobello, the director of Mondo Studio Films, and Lisa Portolan, a screenwriter and author, are part of a skilled female team exploring the adult industry through the prism of “female desire and identity.”

This eight-part documentary will be mostly based on my life, in all its gritty authenticity: bipolar disorder, addiction, and of course, the vibrant business.

As a co-creator, I’ll be returning to my journalistic roots (no pun intended). Stay informed!

Until earlier this year, Amanda Goff, formerly known as Samantha X, was the highest-paid sex worker in Australia.

»Amanda Goff as Samantha X comments in on a criminal’s beast tattoo«

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