Southeast Coalition Calls for Investigation into Private Militia Owned by Asari Dokubo

“Southeast Coalition Demands Probe of Asari Dokubo’s Private Militia”

A coalition of Southeast democracy, human rights, security, and safety civil societies (CSOs) operating under the banner of the Coalition for the Defense of Southeast Citizens and Properties has called upon the federal government to investigate a private militia company in the Southeast region known as Royal Switch Services.

This private security company is owned by Asari Dokubo.

“Urgent Need for Investigation”

The coalition emphasizes the need to determine who engaged Asari Dokubo, why he was engaged, and for what purposes.

They insist on a comprehensive investigation into the activities of Asari Dokubo’s private army in the Southeast.

“Request for a Panel of Inquiry”

Comprising more than 40 advocacy organizations, both within and outside Nigeria, the coalition proposes the establishment of a panel to investigate the extent of damage and casualties resulting from Asari’s private army’s operations in the Southeast.

They argue that this investigation is crucial to understanding the impact of Asari Dokubo’s involvement in the region.

“Call for Accountability”

In the event that Asari Dokubo is found to be culpable, the coalition demands that he be held accountable and face the full force of the law.

They express their belief that this accountability is essential for genuine healing, reconciliation, and the rehabilitation of those who have suffered losses in terms of lives, properties, and livelihood due to Asari’s engagement in the Southeast.

“Seeking Clarity from the Presidency”

The coalition also calls upon the administration led by President Bola Tinubu to issue a clear statement regarding the alleged false flag operations in the Southeast, which are believed to have the intention of causing chaos in the region.

“Formal Request to the Federal Government”

In a letter dated October 12 and addressed to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the coalition formally requests the federal government to establish a Panel of Inquiry into Asari Dokubo’s Royal Switch Services, a private military company.

Asari Dokubo claims that this company has the endorsement of the Presidency and was engaged by the Federal Government for covert operations in several Southeastern states, including Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, and Ebonyi.

“Presidential Approval Questioned”

The coalition contends that Asari Dokubo’s Royal Switch Services lacks the necessary Presidential approval to operate in Nigeria.

They assert that, based on existing federal government laws, the militia company has not met the constitutional conditions and approvals required for such activities.

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