Senate President Akpabio Denounces Fraudulent ‘N200,000 Palliative Loan’ Scheme Exploiting Nigerians

Senate President Akpabio Refutes Allegations of Senate Involvement in Online Loan Applications

Senate President Godswill Akpabio has categorically denied any connection between the Senate and online loan applications, particularly disassociating himself from a misleading advertisement titled “N200,000 Palliative Loan By the Senate.”

The fraudulent advertisement, featuring Senator Akpabio’s picture alongside the coat of arms and the Central Bank of Nigeria’s logo, was exposed as a scam aimed at exploiting unsuspecting Nigerians.

Official Statement Denying Involvement:

In a statement released by his media representative, Eseme Eyiboh, Senator Akpabio clarified that no such loan or palliative program exists in his office or under his name.

The Senate President expressed concern about the prevalence of fraudsters and unscrupulous individuals attempting to take advantage of vulnerable Nigerians through deceptive schemes.

Exposed Fraudulent Advertisement:

The statement explicitly refuted the authenticity of the Facebook advertisement circulating under the name Templeshort, asserting that it did not originate from the Office of the President of the Senate.

Emphasizing that the advertisement was a fabrication by criminal elements, Akpabio urged the public to disregard the scam, clarifying that neither he nor the Senate endorses or operates any loan or palliative program.

Warning to the Public:

The public was cautioned to exercise caution and be vigilant against such criminal elements, described as experts in utilizing underhand methods to prey on unsuspecting Nigerians.

The advisory urged Nigerians to dismiss the fraudulent advertisement and any similar online schemes claiming Senate sponsorship for loans or palliatives.

Senator Akpabio assured the public that neither the Senate President nor his office has any involvement in such activities, emphasizing the need for vigilance against scams.

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