dekunle Gold’s Amazement: Singer Encounters Self-Driving Car in San Francisco

dekunle Gold’s Amazement: Singer Encounters Self-Driving Car in San Francisco

A Surprise Encounter in San Francisco

Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold recently experienced a surprising and captivating moment during his time in San Francisco, where he had an encounter with a self-driving car.

This unexpected meeting left him and his friends in a state of awe and amazement.

The Unbelievable Self-Driving Car

As Adekunle Gold and a group of friends were casually walking down the street in San Francisco, they suddenly spotted an autonomous vehicle approaching.

What made this encounter truly remarkable was that the car had no human driver behind the wheel.

It was navigating the streets smoothly and efficiently all on its own, leaving the onlookers in astonishment.

Capturing the Moment on Camera

Unable to contain their surprise, Adekunle Gold and his friends quickly took out their phones and began filming the self-driving car as it gracefully passed by.

The remarkable sight of a vehicle operating autonomously on the streets of San Francisco was something they couldn’t resist sharing.

Adekunle Gold’s Expression of Wonder

The singer, in a video shared on his social media, could be heard expressing his amazement, saying, “I have not seen such before.

American wonder!” This brief encounter with cutting-edge technology left Adekunle Gold in awe and served as a testament to the advancements in autonomous vehicles in the United States.

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