Tragic Attack: Police Inspector Killed by Suspected Fulani Okada Riders in Delta State

Tragic Attack: Police Inspector Killed by Suspected Fulani Okada Riders in Delta State

Inspector Onori’s Tragic Demise

In a deeply distressing incident, a mob, suspected to be Fulani Okada riders, brutally killed a 45-year-old police inspector, Festus Onori, in Ogwashi-Uku, a town located in the Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State. The tragedy unfolded on a Sunday, during the officer’s journey to church with his wife and children.

A Fatal Encounter on the Way to Church

The grim events took place as the family was en route to church. Inspector Onori, accompanied by his wife and three children, experienced a minor accident when a commercial motorcyclist, reportedly of Fulani origin, collided with their vehicle in Okpanam.

The Escalation of Violence

After the collision, Inspector Onori responsibly pulled over to assess the condition of the Okada rider and the passenger

. However, this situation took a sinister turn when more than 20 men, believed to be Okada riders, began pursuing him, armed with sticks and clubs.

Fearing for his safety, Onori retreated to his car and attempted to drive away from the situation.

A Fatal Chase to Tragedy

The chase continued, with the number of pursuers growing, and Inspector Onori’s escape route took him from Okpanam to Marble Hill and ultimately to the Ogwashi-Uku-Kwale expressway.

However, his vehicle ran out of fuel on this journey, leaving him stranded.

At this critical juncture, the mob caught up with him, resulting in a brutal attack that claimed his life.

Heart-Wrenching Witness: Family and Bystanders

This horrifying episode unfolded in front of Inspector Onori’s wife and three children, exposing them to the traumatic spectacle of their beloved family member’s tragic demise.

The mob’s actions extended beyond violence toward the inspector; they also destroyed his vehicle.

A passerby eventually transported Onori to the Ogwashi-Uku police station, where he was declared dead.

Inspector Onori’s Law Enforcement Career

Inspector Onori served in the capacity of an Inspector at the Marine Police Station Cable Point in Asaba.

The shocking incident has raised significant questions about the safety and security of law enforcement officers and the consequences of mob violence in the region.

Unanswered Questions and Seeking Justice

The circumstances surrounding this tragic event remain unclear, with the wife of Inspector Onori reporting that neither the Okada rider nor the passenger sustained injuries in the initial accident.

As the investigation unfolds, the family and the community are left grappling with the loss of a dedicated police officer in a shocking act of mob violence.